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Hey Corey,

Wasn't my post, hon--sorry!! I'd love to go out with ya, and yeah...we'd have fun. I have fun wherever I go. Life's too darn short to not have a great time. I think the reason guys are so interested in me is b/c of my carefree, non judgemental attitude. I got introduced by an old guy friend the other night to one of his friends as "the prettiest GUY we ever hung out with."

Now, sometimes I wonder if that bothers some men. My having a ton of guy friends, not ever getting offended, and hanging with any kind of crowd and having a great time really threatens some men. BUT--I'm not going to worry about it b/c if they can't hang with who I am and my level of security and comfort with who I am--then they are not the guy for me.

My good girlfriend told me the other night that she doesn't know how I get approached by so many men. Bar, grocery store, gas station, etc.. She said, "You would be the last person I would ever approach in a bar if I was a guy. You're beautiful, and that should be really intimidating to guys b/c they will get rejected."

I was like, "really?? well I think they get from me right away that I don't carry myself like that. I am always nice, will talk to guys--whoever they are, and if they were nice enuf to approach me, than I should be nice enuf to talk to them." (unless they are totally rude or crued--then I am a b) Thing is, you always have stuff in common with people, and if you find you dont--you can debate things or talk weather or music or whatever. It's gotta be hard for guys to approach pretty women--why are so many of them such beeaaahtches? That is why I have so many male friends I guess!!LOL

I was married for 10 yrs and he loved that flirty, outgoing girl I was--until he married me. Then it was all he could do not to pee on me in a corner to mark his territory!! It threatened this last guy I was with too. He said, "you're friends with everyone! All these guys come up to you, kiss you hello, tell you how great you look--right in front of me!!"

I couldn't understand why when it was "right in front of him" that he couldn't see it wasn't secretive or deceitful. Just friendly. I always know all the guys business--whose cheating on whom, where they were the night b4, and it's never been questioned that they cannot let me know this stuff or I'll tell. It's just understood I guess. I'm glad people think I am a cool girl--but sometimes it's hard to keep a guy like that.

If you're a secure guy that likes to have a blast and someone with a great sense of humor--then we would have a great time going out with each other!! NOW--back to the original subject---would you wait to call a girl like that until Thursday??? I think NOT!!

When will guys learn that women just want to feel irresistable to their guy? DOn't wait to call! Don't play games. Just be honest. I guess it takes a certain age to get to realize honesty is under rated and game playing is for 20 yr olds.

What ARE you doing this weekend anyway, Corey?

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