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Is it your sister's fault? (c'mon) No! That would be like my ex blaming her job for her meeting the guy she cheated with there, some of the things you have said about yourself reminds me of the way my ex acted and she is 27 acting like this..

You probably need to grow up before you jump into a relationship like this, you are wanting to have fun, and not have to answer to anyone. Thats the reason you drink, party, and pull things like this. Its because you want to show the world your free, when in-fact your only dependent on the belief that you are free, and that others around you make you belive your free.
You will never be free, you will always have to answer up to people. You knew exactly what you were doing when you was drunk, when you slipped on the condom, and when you was enjoying it... I got a good question, were you thinking about your boyfriend when you was having sex? Probably not! I bet your were thinking about how much you were enjoying it at the time. You don't love your boyfriend you only can love, when you consider the value of what you have with it, or the pride you have in taking care of it (IE your relationship), your not even taking care of yourself, how could you take care of your relationship, and understand the value?

My ex was a drinker (vodka every night getting drunk), I was not. She did drugs, I never smoked a ciggarette. She quit school , I graduated, she had many, many sex partners. She was my first ( I was 25). I was told by all my friends to stay away from her she was a problem, I did not listen, I was told that she would cheat on me by her friends, once again I did not listen. I thought she could change, or has already changed.

Then she told me that she could not be around best friend because she had urges and she did not know if she could handle them. I was going to leave her that night ( she talked me into staying). 3 months after having sex with her the first time, she comes clean about having herpies, I never knew, I had asked her if she had anything, i was mature enough to handle them, and to make a proper decision (but she waited). She told me all of her exes had thought that she cheated or was cheating and thats why she left, because they were to jealous.

Well now I'm and ex that got way to jealous, living back at my parents house, while my ex still has my name on hers and I apartment, because I cannot take my name off without taking her court. Just because she decided to mess with a guy that worked with my dad, and her. Only 3 months after getting an apartment with her. All the things I put into a relationship because I was not harnessing the red flags, I paid for. I did not trust her for a reason. I was blamed just like all the other boyfriends, I was too jealous. The only reason I found out is because she began to hide phone numbers, and try to work early, and late all the time, plus she got very distant, she told me I was crazy. Until i finally got the guys phone number off our phone she deleted every phone, but missed one. There was a lot of things she did to make me realize there was someone else she was thinking about, she masked all the lies and her self guilt, by putting all the blame on me. I felt like hell because i really started to believe i was crazy and jealous, then I found the phone number, and she told me that she had just started talking to him because I was crazy. LOL she was a pro, but now i fight the pain still she has a new guy, I have nothing, lost all my confidence, she let me go like a hot potato, after being with her for a year. I've only talked to her once she called me trying to get me to pay her cable bill, and that was it she did not even ask how I was doing. I was used the whole time!!!!

I'm the one that left though. It still hurts, I realize now I never really loved her. I could never have loved her, because I could never trust her. When you cannot count on your partner to be faithful they are not the ones for you, she has a problem, any time her life gets hard, she runs. she quit her job only two weeks after moving into a new place, I was mad because we were struggling money wise. She did not have the respect to take me into consideration. She did not like her job!! She is 27 the longest she has stayed at a job is 2 years, I told her that i felt like she had problems commiting, I was at my job 5 years, and left just so I could see her in the day, two months after I started a really good job, she was cheating. I stood by her side even though she was a drunk, everyone at my job considered her a ***** except me, I just don't believe in that, I feel she does not understand how to love herself and that why she does this. She said that the finances was when the realtionship went down hill.

I gave up flying = my dream, for her
She was getting nails done every two weeks
100 dollars in clothes and shoes every week.
She has and apartment with another guy in and expensinve part of town.
She got her car fixed, and tag.
She got everything she needed and then played and got me out of the picture.
I did not get any clothes, I got used. 100 percent, my own fault though. I deserved it, I was playing with fire. Fell in love(or at least what i thought at the time) with fire, and was burnt by getting to close to the fire, and through all this the fire never cared, the fire let me go like I never existed. That to me is the hardest thing to understand, not even call me after a day of breaking up, I just was gone. Only time I called was for the cable bill, and was to be yelled at like everything was my fault.
ITs been 5 months now.

Do this guy a favor! Tell him! You will never respect him like he deserves, thats why you did it. He is to nice for you, you need someone who doesn't want you, so you can chase them. Your not ready. He is probably not ready either. Learn to love yourself, same for him, hell same for me too. That the only way your prevent things like this.

Good Luck

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