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As a man who married at 18 and had 2 kids by 20, was cheated on and heartbroken and am still dealing with it, tell him. My ex cheated on me in the first month we moved in together. If someone, anyone had told me then I would have been hurt, but it wouldn't have affected me nearly as bad as it did when I found out about it 4 years later. I had no idea. I was like you and like Eaglesgirl37's boyfriends back then. My father had just died and I needed someone to hold onto. I had a whole concept of who my ex was that was never true. And it's still hard to deal with. Especially now that my kids are old enough to want to see her again.

Tell him. He'll be hurt and all that, but he'll get over it much faster now than after a couple years of being married. Tell him before you have an accident and get pregnant and marry him. You're not the person he thinks you are. Pretending to be will only make things worse.

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