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My brother's wife
Aug 26, 2005
My brother "John" was married about a year ago to "Jane". (I was his best man). About 3 mos. ago he joined the army. His wife started working at a bar about 15 miles away (during that 3 mos).
So John came back from basic training about 2 weeks ago. My uncle was in the bar that his Jane worked at & caught wind that she was sleeping around on her husband.
So through the grapevine I find out. So what do I do? I went to the bar last night with my girlfriend. I talked to the bartender & found out who Jane was supposedly having an affair with. Guys name is "Matt". I walk over to Matt & tell him I would like to talk to him. I then grabbed a poolstick and shoved in through his mouth & out the back of his head....or thought about it.
We sit down & talk. The guy is so scared the table is shaking from his hands. He said without a doubt he had slept with her about 3-5 times. He also said that she had been whining to him that she wanted to get a divorce, also he knew she was married. He then gives me a letter from her to him.
" Hey, you probley think this is childish for me to right a note but its the only way I can tell you whats on my mind & thats a lot of stuff. I know I shouldn't have these feelings for you. I'm married but you have been the only one since my husband that makes my heart feel this way. Everytime I'm near you my heart starts beating fast.
Right now writing this note you make me feel that way. See my husband don't even make me feel that way any more & thats wronge. I can't tell him cause he's so far away. I still love himbut I'm falling for you fast & hard. My body saying it wants you but my heart is saying no. I don't want you to think I'm leading you on. I'm not, I really like you alot.
When you kissed my ear last night it was all over, I wanted more, alot more. Well you think about what I just wrote you & well talk later
Love "Jane""

So there you go. So I confronted her last night. Of course she denied it all. A lot of things were said (I had been drinking). Thinking back, I wish I'd have kept more cool about the whole thing. She said that they had never slept together (it seemed like she wasn't lying about the sex)

I feel like hell about the whole thing. I feel bad for both of them. I don't know why I feel bad for her. I shouldn't. But I had always liked her & got along great with her.

To make matters worse we have family pictures next Monday!!
Also John leaves for Washington (we're in Michigan) to pick out a house in 2 weeks.

I gave a copy of the letter to my father. He says he is going to show it to her mother & grandmother. I think that that would be a mistake, so I will get the letter back.

How should I act around her?

I think I should tell my brother what I know, then just stay the heck outta the whole messy thing.

It really just saddens me. He decides to be faithful to her, & she does this.

Anybody ever handled a situation like this before?

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