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wow! is she having an affair. i wish you could get a little to know me and take a minute or two to read my posted message on my situation, at least so you'll know where im coming from, and so i wont have to rewrite it all over again. i left my husband for the worng reasons and i totally regreted it, but why is she in such a hurry to get a divorce. my husband and i are now working through it (for more info on that refer to my posted message) , its been a nine month long haul, tugging one day at a time. but noone said its easy, but it makes it so much harder whern their arent concrete answers and reasons. when i got back from leaving, my husband then tried to leave me. but i ended up finding out that he was only trying to leave me because he was cheating and wanted to get out before I found out the truth, he said he felt so guilty for cheating that he wanted out very fast so it seemed that he cheated at least when he was out of the house. maybe their is someone else, and she is consciously waiting to pursue something when she's out of the house. but for your part the pain will be the same whether she's home or away. and answering is their a social life after mariage, yes. in the time i split with my husband their is some vibe that you give off that ssays your available, and i tended to get hit on alot, more than when i was married, maybe because i never acknowledged it. is your wife having a personal friendship or confining in another male about your guy's problems. thats how my husband started, and when it got to the next level he nor she had llost control and they both fll to the physical temptations. i can only hope, for your behalf that she isnt cheating, but did you hurt her really bad in the past and maybe she realized she can never get over it? only you know the ins and outs of what happened in your mariage. but mhy husabnd are where we are today because i didnt give up and allow the other woman to rob and burglarized a vulnerable (hurt from when i left him) man. i can only say stay strong, and i know you may not want to do this but give her the ultimatum, if she leaves then she is ending it for you. there is a big difference between "time apart" and a DIVORCE!! put your foot down, she may be enjoying seeong you in pain, but if you show her youre stronger than what she thinks you are, you may be giving her a rude awakening**REALITY CHECK** she's taking you for granted, but in the meantime turn the tables around and dont allow yourself to be at her mercy, let her know you in control. and why are you keeping the kids?? FYI: had i not made it w/ my husband i was totally going to look for a man with kids and previous relationship experience, i think you need to put your kids first!! keep in touch and keep us updated

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