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Hey all,

I just started coming to this board, and I have had a lot of fun--taken some advice and given some. People are nice. ANyhow, I have a question--a poll maybe--to see what the general idea of thinking is about this subject.

I somewhat recently started dating again, and the first relationship I had blew up in my face. We are no longer seeing each other. I have no problem meeting men--I have a problem liking them. I have a lot of guy friends, and one in particular, I met about 6months ago thru a girlfriend. We have hung out, drank, gone to parties together, always in a group.

Last weekend, we met and hung out together. Just us, talking all night, went to a party and out to a late breakfast. He has called me a couple of times (never b4 this last weekend did we talk on the phone) and left me really nice messages that brightened up my whole day.

Just saying things like, "I had such a great time w/ you, and "You're so fun to hang out with" and would love to see ya this weekend" kind of stuff.

I have called him back, and we talk--but like friends talk--not like we are setting up a date--more setting it up so we can see each other at the same place, same time, to hang out. Does that make sense??

Tonight he wants to hook up and go out. His friend is in town from NJ and he sadi it would be a lot of fun, especially if I would come with them. Now, I want to....but here is the clincher--and the question...He's 23. I am 38.

Do you all think there is something wrong with that? I mean, we have a great time together, he really seems mature for his age, and I'm not looking for anything real serious anyway.

ALso--the friend thru who we met is very weird about the girls he dates. I guess sister like would be a good description of her and his relationship. She is married to my recently blown up relationships best friend. Here's whereit gets a little sticky.

If we were to get closer--me and 23 yr old--how much would get back to this girl (a very good friend of his) and get back then to everyone else in this crowd? Are 23 yr old guys EVER mature enuf to keep a thing private? I know I could talk to him about it, and should if we were to get closer, but could I trust what he says?

I see it moving in that dierction if we keep getting together. There is definitely an attraction there. I am not ashamed, but would like to not have that circle of people knowing my business for once. Do you think b/c he's young that if I ask for discreetness he will think I am ashamed to be going out w/ him?

Not sure how to handle this one. I have never much cared about what people think--but this group---gossip spreads like a wildfire. How can I say.(if it even comes to this) that it would be much more fun to have a bit of a secret, private thing--w/out sounding ashamed in some way. Please offer advice.

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