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[QUOTE=ravioli]Hi everyone - What can one do to keep insecurities in check in a long distance relationship? I've been in one for five weeks (after a year of dating normally) and I'm really worried my boyfriend will meet someone new (he just moved back to school and so will be meeting a lot of new people). I try not to bring it up with him, for it doesn't really help to just be worrying over the phone, but it's on my mind a lot and makes the relationship less satisfying as I just don't feel as secure. Help![/QUOTE]

The best thing is for you to get out, meet people, experience life and have an active social, intellectual, creative life - then you won't be thinking about your boyfriend.

If he's the cheating type he'll cheat whether he lives in another country or in the SAME house!! If not, no distance will tempt him to cheat.

Can you honestly say he's not the type you can trust, or do you think the issue is just with you?

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