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Hi Bostongirl :wave: Well, I've had a rather negative experience with an ex who started calling the guy I dated recently, so perhaps I'm somewhat biased, but I would tell you to keep your eyes and ears open. The guy I dated also said very negative comments about his ex-gf, how she was nuts and put him through so much drama, and he did tell me when she started calling, but made it sound like she was bothering him. Now I'm not so sure if he wasn't calling her himself also, and at the very least, he obviously was willing to talk to her, which is already a bit of a warning sign. So, in case of your bf, if he claims to dislike her so much, you have to ask yourself why he's still talking to her. How often does she call? Were they together for a long time and when did the relationship end? Stragnely, I noticed that men seem to have a much harder time letting go of a woman who was unstable and put them through the proverbial hell than a woman who was nice and sweet to them. These "crazy," wild, and hated ex-girlfriends are a lot more dangerous than the ones whom he talks nicely about, trust me.

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