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[QUOTE=eaglesgirl37]I don't even think he's worth an explanation. This guy is always going to be angry with you about something or another. I mean, come on, he dumped you because you wouldn't let him invade your privacy in what I agree is a creepy, borderline psychotic way. I think he did you a huge favor by dumping you and that you shouldn't waste anymore time trying to get him back--don't you have more self-respect than to go chase after someone who doesn't trust or respect you? Save your self-esteem for someone who cares and who won't go running off saying it's over the minute he doesn't get his creepy way. I think you've gotten generally great advice here, but I really disagree with the posters who are taking the view that you should put any effort whatsoever into getting him back. You'd just be setting yourself up for more humiliation, more mistrust, more invasion of your privacy, more doesn't sound like these lies are any big deal, and he sounds like he's got major control issues. Any woman with confidence and self-respect would stay far, far away from this guy.[/QUOTE]

EG makes sense (I've been saying that a LOT lately! :) ). But first of all, I don't know what you lied about and you dont' have to share if you don't want to, but if he trusts you, he really has no business "dragging out of you" who came up to you and talked to you today. It's unreasonable for him to expect you to give him a daily report on how many men smiled at you or talked to you that day, for Pete's sake!

He really had no business insisting on coming into the examing room with you. When I was a young teen, sometimes my mother would come in with me, but that's it. I really wouldn't want a boyfriend actually in the room during the examination. Doctors are usually glad to discuss the situation with family members, significant others, or anyone the patient wants involved, but he just wanted to stick his head in from start to finish because he was already convinced you would lie to him and tell the doctor "hey doc, I cheated on my bf and I don't want him to know!" That's ridiculous. If he can't trust you any more than that, then the relationship was doomed even before this incident at the doctor's office even happened. And yes, please immediately stop sharing intimate things with your mom, or anyone really. Razors, washclothes, toothbrushes, anything like that should not be shared.

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