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Hi Skylar!
Your paranoia about being cheated on could certainly be coming from seeing it happen to your mother. If that's the case, counseling can do a lot for you as far as letting go of that resentment you're still carrying around for your father and moving on with your life. I do know what it feels like to be constantly paranoid. In my case, my problem started when I pushed aside the things I needed out of my relationship in order to accomodate the things HE needed. I knew it was wrong from the start, but I did it anyway... and the fear, anxiety, and paranoia just grew and grew until I was seriously mentally unstable. The only way to fix it was to end the relationship.
Take a look back at your own relationship. Is this the case for you? Have you been holding things back that YOU need just to give him things that HE needs? Have you told him it bothers you when he hangs around this girl?
I would say to try counseling first, because it could just be your parents' relationship that's causing this. If things don't improve from there, then you need to re-evaluate your relationship and make sure you two still have all lines of communication open and you can talk to him about your fears. If you don't feel like he's your best friend in the world and you can tell him anything, then the relationship may need work.
Also, I'm going to offer you a point of view you probably haven't yet considered: The girl's. She is close friends with your boyfriend's sister. His sister would probably kill her if she did anything to hurt her brother. If you were her, would you want to tell your best friend that you are interested in her brother and want to break up his relationship (when his girlfriend is pregnant)? Probably not! I'm sure this girl knows her boundaries. I highly doubt she'd be dumb enough to do such a thing.

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