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i know how you feel. i tend to get obsessed about the girls my guy has dated. it is normal to feel this way. but you need to try to not let this effect your relationship with your gf. don't obsess over why your gf dated certain guys. we all make mistakes in our lives. love has a certain way of blinding us. have you never looked back at your relationships and wonder why you were even interested in the person. maybe at that moment in your life, they helped to fulfill a certain need. we all change and our priorities change. concentrate on your relationship with your gf. it shouldn't matter who she dated in the past and why she dated them.

me and my guy have an unwritten rule. we do not talk about out exes. he doesn't talk about the girls he has dated and does not like it when i talk about the guys i have dated.
Reading what you wrote about your past relationships, you may help yourself get over this obsession if you realize she has more to worry about you than you do her.
just get over it before it eats you inside

she didn't make a mistake being with the other guy or guys, she was becoming the person you know now... what would you change about her (personality wise)? hopefully nothing... well if you were to remove the other guys, you'd be with a completely different woman...

so... move on from it... concentrate on why your together, not why she was with other people.

and yes she's with you for some absurd reason... if there were no reason she wouldn't be with you, and if it was logical i don't think it'd be love ;)

again concentrate on making this the BEST relationship for her to look back and analyse, and she probably won't have to :D

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