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he=\ what am i suppsoe to do? [/QUOTE]

Face the fact that he doesn't love you, doesn't care about you, and dump him. He will NEVER make you anything but miserable.

[QUOTE=confused788]am i suppsoe to show him i care and try my best during school?[/QUOTE]

No. You've already done everything you can to please this guy and I keep telling you that he doesn't want to be pleased. Nothing you will ever do will ever make him happy and in love with you, because he doesn't want to be happy with you. Please tell me how many more times I will have to say this before you understand and I will say it that many times.

[QUOTE=confused788]should is till try...but hes tlaking to someone...what does he want???

He wants to make you miserable. He wants to chip away at your self esteem and he wants to convince you you're ugly, stupid, worthless and don't deserve to be treated any better. He wants you to stay in a constant state of fear and confusion, he wants you miserable. He enjoys making you unhappy and he thinks it's fun to make you cry. Please answer me one thing: why should he treat you any better when he's already getting everything he wants from you? He wants exactly what he is getting from you right now. Tears, fear, misery, and low self esteem. That's what he wants from you. It makes him feel better to make you feel like crap. If he wasn't getting what he wanted from you, he would move on and leave you alone. He's sick, and you're allowing him to make you sick.
oh confused...this is a big step in the wrong direction. this guy is totally controlling you. he has forced your self esteem down so low that i fear you dont think that you deserve better than this creep. do you know why guys do this? because if they make you feel so bad about yourself, you will not try to find someone else. they know you will always be there. and you keep giving in! he treats you like this & then you go & sleep with him?! why should he treat you any better?! he obviously doesnt have'll go to him no matter what he does.

how is you relationship with your mom? can you talk to her about this? i dont mean the sex part...but just everything else. talking to my mom made me realize what a jerk i was with. she told me how it broke her heart to see me so miserable. that broke my heart & made me wake up! and to add to what i said ex used to tell me all the time that i would never be able to find anyone better than him. i felt so bad about myself that i believed him. i thought, who would want me? and i didnt want to be alone. well that alone time was just what i needed to figure out exactly what i need & want. i decided i would not settle for anything less than what i deserve. and i've stuck to that & i'm happier now than i have ever been.

he is dragging you down & you are letting him. this has to stop or before you know it its going to be 10 years later & you'll still be with this loser & you will regret this so much i promise you! you said in your last post that you want to show him you care. can i ask you this - why do you care so much? what does he do that makes you happy? does he ever make you smile so much that your cheeks hurt? does he ever make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world? picture yourself many years down the road with a daughter in the same situation. what would you tell her to do? i bet it would sound a lot like what all of us are telling you. has one person in this thread said anything good about this relationship? has anyone told you to try to work it out because you guys belong together? NO! we cant all be wrong here! wake up sweetie! we're not all checking in every day & posting here because we have nothing better to do. this is very serious & you need to really put some thought into this. is this how you want the rest of your life to be? dump this jerk & get out there & find your prince! if you keep wasting time with him, you might miss the chance to find that guy who will make you happy for the rest of your life. think about it!

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