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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi everyone, i am so confused about my ''so called relationship'' with my boyfirend, i have been seeing him two years and at the monent, well for the last few weeks i have been getting the feeling that i dont love him anymore, of course i care about him but and he tells me he loves me alot and i tellh im but then later on i wonder why i even said i ''i love you'' because im not sure if i mean it anymore...[/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Im not 100% sure if the problem is to do with the fact that i cant see him very often or spend much time with him, this will soon b different though and in about 6 weeks time we will be together all the time again, i am unsure if i am feeling this way becuase we have cant have a proper relarionship for the tim being and i am maybe just completley fed up with it and using my ''unsure-ness about my love if him'' as a feeble excuse or if i do feel this way.[/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS]i have considered ending our relationship now but i am afraid that when i am able to see more of him and we can have a proper relationship again that i will totoally regert it and want him abck and unfortunalty that is unfair way to treat people like that so i dont really want to do that but on the other hand it is not fair to keep up the relatipnship as it is becuase i am telling him i love all the time when he says it too me and if the next time he says it and i dont reply he will wonder whats up with as you can see i am totally confused..i would really appriciate any insight or advise anyone may have on this ...thanks for listenin i really appriciate it[/FONT]
hi nonnie, i so no how u feel, its really good to talk to someone else who is feeling the same way and going through the same thing as me, our situations are so similar in alot of ways, the way u feel is like me and i too am young, im only 19....i want more from life than this relationship..which says that i dont want to see him anymore but on the other hand i dont want to say goodbye forever..the thought of seeing him with someone esle if we did break up for good makes me feel sick, i wouldnt be able to cope with that..also when things are good and im not thinking of the past etc. i do actually love him.

My boyfriend did so many horribe things to me and i ended our relationship so many times before but ALWAYS took him back then he finally saw that if he kept up i would go forever and he has actually changed but i still cant get over all the things he has for example if i am siting here thinking about him and then something really mean he did to me pops into my head i feel like screaming because i am still so annoied by it...

what are we going to do?? :confused:

do you ever feel like you are going to spend your whole life trying to change your boyfriend? if you are anything like me then you will also not want to go on with the relatonship becuase if u do you will end up really hating this person that you once loved so much and you dont want that to happen either.
also can i just ask you if your boyfriend has a clue how you feel about your situation?

well nonnie if u feel like writing back to talk about your problem feel free..i could do with someone to talk to who understands how this feels...

sandra :wave:

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