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I have a little issue with my boyfriend, but I don't know if I'm being reasonable or not. Actually, it wasn't too big of an issue for me until I realized that it is an issue for other women. Here goes...

My boyfriend adores me - there is no doubt about that. We spend almost all of our time together, he is my best friend, he is very loving & affectionate, he constantly tells me how gorgeous & perfect he thinks I am, etc. I truly do trust him without a doubt, so there is no issue there. BUT, what is acceptable as far as a guy commenting to their girl on other females being hot? He doesn't just say it occasionally, but he REALLY makes lots of comments. Grant it, it's usually about people on TV & he has never flirted with another female in front of me or anything like that. Still... He constantly comments on how other chicks on TV , in magazines, and random people we know look. I think he also has a bit of a wandering eye when we go out, but I just let it roll off of my back because I know how crazy he is about me. I am not an insecure girl & I know he would never do anything to hurt me in any way. He has never disrespected me & he pays me more attention & compliments than anyone or anything in his life.

But, should I be offended? I've just noticed my girlfriends freaking out on their men when they say things, so I thought - should I feel the same way?? It has irritated me a few times, but I don't usually get mad about things like that.

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