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Another update,

Thanks for the responses. Saturday night, slept at the same girl's house. Joe was there...again!! Her boyfriend had won 900 bucks that night and gave her half his winnings and we were pretty lit. Joe had gone to bed first, to try and get the comfy bed all to himself, and she was really erked with him and started laughing and offered me a hundred bucks if I went in and told him to share or get out. First I told her no way, but we kept laughing and she pulled out the money!

I went in, jumped on the bed and told him I get the bed, she said so. He said he would share but he wasn't getting up. I said it was a huge bed, and he better not touch me--I just wanted to sleep. He laughed and I got in and went to sleep. We slept all night and didn't touch once. I got up this morning and left early, but at around 7:30 am, my cell rang it's very loud ring. He sat up and was like, "Who in the heck is calling you at 7 in the morning??" I said, "Not your business, Joe. We are friends, remember?" I could see him trying to listen in on the VM, which I hardly pressed to my ear and had high volume on to make sure he heard! HE HE!!

A long VM from the guy I had a date with today to go to the waterfront, saying he couldn"t wait, how beautiful it was outside, etc. Joes body just stiffened! Jerk!! COuldn't have possibly been better timing, I swear! I left, my friend called me later and asked what happened b/c Joe stormed out early--which he never, ever does at their house.( Sorry, I know it's devilish the way I feel--but this guy really, really hurt me and it feels right that he should squirm a tiny bit, ya know?)

His daughter called me tonight and she asked how my weekend was. I went on to tell her about how bizarre everything was, and she said, "Oh--that explains it! I asked my Dad how his weekend was and he just said, "Just DANDY!" and then said he had to go." We got a bit of a kick out of it, cuz she really thinks her dad was very stupid and immature for even breaking up with me--or lack there of--which is really what happened. Funny.

As far as making peace--I CHOSE to just forgive and move on. He really doesn't deserve forgiveness in the sense that he wasn't wrong or my feelings have eased about what he did to me. I deserved to forgive him--to let it go. It was eating me alive and all I did was want him. When I made this decision--I was set free of him and slowly I am seeing he wasn't God given--just a lying jerky guy who I was stupid enuf to fall in love with. I realize now that I fell in love with who he presented him self to be--NOT him. The real him has major issues, a drinking problem, and no drive to better him self or grow as a human being. He lied horribly about these things, and I ask myself why I even want to be friends with someone like that---I get the same answer all the time,--It's easier this way. It feels as tho I am taking the high road and it feels better to know I did nothing wrong. I feel mature and I feel in control this way. I hope that makes sense to you who were wondering whether to do this or not. It has really worked for me, as has getting involved with a couple other guys--hotties always help.

Shallow, but oh so true!! Hugs to all who are pining that last relationship that just killed ya. I feel for ya, and wanted to share this if it may help you. Forgiveness is absolute bliss and I actually feel free of him--the only thing I feel for him now is a bit of pity that he wants to spend his life alone--cuz I adore his daughter. She called me mom tonight on the phone. How pitiful is that?? My daughter and her have been on the phone for 2 hrs now, and she was so darn excited when she heard we jokingly slept in the same bed together she about exploded! I had to get back on and tell her it was a tipsy joke, and a bet, and not to get her hopes up. We were just being silly, but were freinds again, and that made her happy--but I think also hopeful. Poor kid. Her dad's a mess. OK__done rambling. Sorry!! See ya!! Hope you had a great weekend everyone!

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