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Thanks CD for moving this here.

Ok here is what has happend up untill now.

We got married young. I was 21 she was 18, my son was 3 months old when we got married. We have been married 19 years and I have know her for 21 years. I met her when she was 16.

Ok thur the 19 years of our marriage we have had alot of problems, money, the biggest. She is bad with it lol really bad, im not so good myself. Sex was never a issue with us, no matter how much I gained or she did that was alwasy great. I was informed about the abuse about 3 years into the marriage because she was acting really weird back then. I was supportive and we talked about it but not in detail. She had alot to deal with, her mom found out about it but stayed with her dad and there still together. She has her reasons and truth be told they are good reasons, I know that sounds stupid but someday ill post the reasons why.

I was not the best of husbands, not close but I did over the last 19 years what I thought I was supposed to. I never had a good role model for being a husband, my Mom and Dad never loved eachother but there was no abuse in my house. They just got along good but never any love there, if there was it was never shown to eachother.

As I said I did what I thought I should. I stayed home, never cheated, never went out with the boys. My life was my family untill about 4 years ago. I found online gameing and it sucked my life away. I ignored my wife for the last 4 years, hell I ignored just about everything. Well back in April i got sick thought I had colon cancer, I did not. Well when you think you have something like that it make you really look into yourself and i did.

During this time my wife was acting weird, little did I know she was talking to this guy and things started then. I wrote my wife a letter one moring after crying my eyes out and said I was sorry for all that I have done and I would try to be who I should be. ( As a couple we never went anywhere and I mean never we were always mom and dad.). Well that made her mad, something she wanted for years and now I say im sorry, but I did not know that this thing with the other guy was already starting.

Ok that brings us to May and June of this year. She saw him one time in may and then ask for a speration. We tried to work it out for 3 days it was just not going to work so I moved into my mother-in-laws house (they were out of time for a week.) Well then my wife went nuts, that friday she got her tatoo. She had to go out all the time, it was like a need she could not fight.

Well when her mom and dad got back her mom tried like hell to tell me about the other guy but never really saying it. My wife picked me up that day and we went home to talk. Well thats when she told me. I took it ok for about 2 hours then all hell broke loose.

I moved out into my sisters house, so my daughter could stay at the house with all her friends around. The next 2 months was my wife going out to the bars, seeing him, and having a 3 some with her best friend and husband. While I stayed at my sisters house and took my daughter on weekends. We stayed where we could.

I stoped calling her, never went by the house to check up on her. She called me, and I woudl get the im so confused, the kids are driving me nuts. She all but lost my 19 year old son, he hated her for a while.

Well about 2 months ago things were getting better, she said she stoped seeing the married man, by the way we kept having sex alll thur this mess. Well my sister went out of town and she would not let me stay there. So my wife said I could stay with her. This started this what ever it is. We talked for hours on end. We really started to be friends again. Well one night about 1030 she said her friend wanted her to go to get a drink, I was in the house at the time I said it was rude but go ahead.

Well she came home and I knew something was wrong. Well she met a guy she had sex with there and he tried to have sex with her in the parking lot, she had to knee him and run and he called her a *****. Well I was the one that had to pick up the crap that day. We went to the beach the next day and had one of the best days we have ever had. I told her I loved her she said the same thing.

Well the next day boom she was back to I love you but not in love with you stuff. That day I was told about 2 guys she had sex with a 25 year old and a 30 year old. That pissed me off :). The sex bothers me just not as much as I ever thought it would. I was her only one for 20 years. I knew from the day we got married she would have sex with someone I just thought it would be much eairler in the marriage. By the way she is 37.

Well 3 weeks ago the married guy called again and she started seeing him again but this time told me up right away. Well we are getting a divorce but we are also trying to get to know eachother again. I moved out about 3 weeks ago and since then we go out 3 or 4 times a week. To eat or I just go to her house and talk, watch tv. All this time I knew she was seeing this guy but I was having fun to. We did stuff we never did when we were married. We went out and had fun. met friends at places. I just had to put this guy away somewhere in my mind.

Well last friday she called him and his wife was right there. That was it for him he told my wife it had to end. Well he wanted her to chance her cell phone, she did not. Now im there for her again. She is hurting and confused. One she liks this guy but she also sees me for who I am now and does not want to lose me as a friend or whatever we are to eachother now.

I love this woman will all my heart, she was a good wife and mother for 20 years, never did I have to worry about anything. So if I takes her 6 to 8 months go get thur this crap then so be it. I can handle that. Lol alot of guys dont understand me at all, then again there longest relationship is 3 years. You just dont let go of 20 years just like that and im going to fight like hell for this woman because for 20 years she was there for me day in and day out. How in the hell could I just not be there for her now?

Sorry its so long :)


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