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[QUOTE=Anti Social]Hi all..Ive been in a relationship for 2 yrs now & for about the last few months I have desperatly missed the 'single life'..I miss g/ out and doing what I want & meeting or hanging out w/ guys & just basically having the freedom.
Does anyone else in a relationship ever get these feelings? What do you think they mean? Are they normal in long term relationships? :confused:[/QUOTE]

I think it would depend on how often you have these feelings. I'm sure when someone has been with someone else for awhile, some of the initial excitement wears off and they may think about being single again. But most of the time, these feelings are fleeting and don't last.

Are you sure you feel the same way about your boyfriend as you did before?

You can still do many of the things you did when you were single, except sleep with one someone else. Maybe you should starting going out with your girlfriends again, and do some things that don't involve your partner. You should always keep your own life and friends, apart from the one you share with your partner.

If the feelings continue and you still feel compelled to be with another man, maybe your current partner is not the right guy for you. I hope you can figure it out and good luck!

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