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Yep! I was right. I posted it elsewhere! Guess it'll turn up eventually..

About sister in law... she's the mother of my two nieces I keep talking about.. she also has a ten year old son. All three children are spoiled rotten, and not in a good way. Mary is agoraphobic, can't make the simplest phone call to the cable company about her bill, can't go to the store alone, can't call the school about a problem with one of the kids... We do most of this for her. I take the kids to the doctor, my hubby drives her to the store on the 1st. She gets SSI and when asked her disability is 'fears'. She gets disability for being afraid of EVERYTHING.

Rose, I think my mother doesn't want to acknowledge my BPD because SHE diagnosed me as hystrionic. NOT Bi polar or borderline. and Borderline is so AWFUL. The research at the time, when I was in my teens and twenties, was the borderline was caused by major trauma during childhood. When my mother was in school, borderline was in between neurotic and psychotic. My mother knows of NO major trauma during my childhood. It certainly wasn't that my father emotionally abused me by being over protective. It wasn't because they got divorced when all my friends still had two parents at home. It wasn't because she was too busy being a single mom with a job in the 70's, to be a mom. She had her 9-5 director of a social services agency, she had her parents without partners, her PA group - like AA or NA, but for parents who are abusive. Then she had her teaching job. She taught "Creative Divorce" at the local college, one night a week. I realize now that she needed the money, but there was no time for me or my sister. At a most cruicial time in my life- teenager...There was my dad who asked too many personal questions and didn't like the answers, they angered him... till I said "If you don't like the answer and don't really want to know the answer, then don't ask the question". He follows this advise still today with me.

I've TRIED and TRIED to discuss it with my mother. Afterall, it was HER bestfriend, MY Godmother, who diagnosed ME. Granted, as a licensed therapist, my godmother could not disclose my info to my mom, BUT after age 30, I told my godmother it was OK to discuss it with my mom. She never did, since my mom never brought it up. My mom says "You're not borderline, I've never seen any borderline behavior" Yeah, right :rolleyes:

What about all those times when I was ranting and raving and RAGING when I was teen? What about the time when I told one of HER friends that she was ruining my life? What about all those destructive behaviors, running away, hanging with the wrong crowd, having sex with more boys than I care to admit? What about having so many ruined marriages? What about always (until now) choosing men who would abuse me? What about always wasting my money? What about the fact that I NEVER had a female friend that I could trust. What about the fact that I wanted a female friend so badly that the one I trusted is now married to my last ex husband? What about the emptiness I told her about? What about the void? the nothingness? the lack of feeling? the sudden mood swings... up.....down....up.....even....down...etc... My sister did none of this... this is not normal behavior. She KNOWS this and if it had been ANYONE else except HER DAUGHTER, her oldest, her smartest ( I have an IQ over 140 :o ), she would have believed it.

No, I'm just the screw up. I went against her advice and married Mike, the alcoholic wife raper. I married T, the man 4 years my junior, who loved to party and dance, but also loved to cheat, especially with barmaids. What about my 3rd husband, who ADORED me (my parents told HIM that I wasn't good enough for him), who left me when the first young, thin, blonde came around? But I'm 'Crazy" to be with L, my present husband.... :eek:

Obviously I have a lot of rage with my mother....too many issues to get into

O, I forgot, you all were talking about TV shows.... I love LOST... it's great...and Judging Amy, the Pretender, King of the Hill, and the discovery channel, the learning channel, the history channel, etc... LOL

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