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Hey DivaDevilition, Im currently having the same problem, but i find we get over things alot and dont care to remember them. Im in a long distance relationship, and have been for about a month now, we talk constantly and fight almost over everything, but i find these things are making us stronger. Aslong as these arguements arnt giving you any doubts about your boyfriend, then i see no need to worry about this. Im in the same vote as you, me and my girlfriend are both commited and dedicated to make this work, and if you really mean it, my advice would be to try and stay as positive as you can, try not to let the little fights get in your way.

Anyways, i hope i helped.
[COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I am just wanting to say that me and my boyfriend have been together almost three years. At first we hardly ever faught.. it was wonderful. Then we hit a rough patch and broke up for like three months, when we got back together we were good for say a few months and then all we ever did was argue about EVERYTHING. He is in PA for college and im still at home for college and we still fight over stupid little things on the phone, but afterwards we talk about it and how we both think each little fight makes us stronger and it had taught us both to open up emotionally. I love him with all my heart and vice versa, we were meant for eachother and if we didnt have our little fights constantly.. i dont think we would be where we are today. So.. thats all i wanted to say really. :)[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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