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hi everyone, i know you dont mean to be harsh but i would honestley rather that you come right out and say what you have to say than tip-toe around it so thanks! :)

i know to all of you it seems like i should forget about him and you are probably right i should but im just not ready to give up on this relationship yet,

in my life i seem to make an awfull lot of bad decisions, whenever things are going well for me i ALWAYS seem to do something stupid and mess it up..i know it probaly seems that at the moment i am just feeling really sorry for myself and i suppose i am but everything just seems to be getting on top of me, :yawn:

LITTLE ROSE said that i shouldnt talk to friends well you are absloutley right i the moment there is only two friends that i really trust and i am 110% sure they would never try to jeprodise my happiness and do definatley keep anything i say to them to themselves.They are two good friends and i know they will always be here for me.

As for the people saying these things to him they are [B]not[/B] my friends,they are his friends and some of his family.
To be fair, even though what they are saying is not true i do understand that they think it is true..
what i mean is they know i did definatley kiss this man one night (thats the kiss i told my boyfriend about) and they are presuming that it has happened on other occasions aswell because sometimes i am around this man..

They are only trying to peotect there friend but it is not helping us AT ALL.

The fact is that he is really angry with me now becuase everyone knows about this and he thinks, because of what people ''think they know'' that i have been lying to him, i have to admit that i can se where he is coming from in a way because i have have kissed a man then told him but these people then go an tell him what they believe to be ''the truth'' and he cant just ignore what they are saying, like why would his friends/family lie and hurt him if it wasnt true?
.well thats how he feels anyway and i do understand that but the fact is that they believe what they are telling him is true..and it is not

I just dont know what to do...confronting these people is not an option anyway because i do not want this whole situation to get any worse, I just want to deal with him on this because the more people that are involved the worse this all will get :nono:

I have gone and told him the truth about everything and i know there is probably not much more i can do but i feel so useless sitting around just waiting for more bad things to happen.. :confused:

I hope i can convince him that i am telling the truth..

I feel so hopeless..i just want my life to change and things to go right for me for once....

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