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[QUOTE=Piranna65]tamsynn- to me this sounds like him finding an excuse to get angry with you. You said he feels you have made a fool of him. Im sorry tamsynn but you b/f is only worried about one person in this relationship and it is himself. He made a fool of you twice. And as eagels mentioned people probably do look at you as a fool for staying with his behind! I would be on my friends back if i knew this happened to her twice and she insisted on staying with the creep.

I know your saying you love him and this and that, but personally I look at this relationship as lust. You two are not faithful to one another. You argue more then most couples. He doesnt trust you (hence him not believing you over his friends) you 'say' you trust him (why i do not understand).

This relationship has gone as far as it is able to go. There will always be hurdles and curves making it impossible for the two of you to be happy and fully trust one another. I'd let him know if he doesnt believe you then your leaving him. If this is a relationship that he truely and deeply wants to work then he will come crawling back to you asap.

Im sorry if i seemed harsh tamsynn, but this guy seems like a waste.[/QUOTE]

I am afraid that I agree with Piranna65, Tamsynn. He cheated on you TWICE! I know you say you think he's changed, but his behavior says he hasn't. He assumes you are lying and cheated on him, BECAUSE IT IS STILL EXACTLY WHAT HE WOULD DO! He, and many people, assume that other people would behave exactly as they, themselves would. They cannot conceive that other people would behave in another way. He is painting you with the same brush. AND, YOU ARE LETTING HIM BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE YOU DESERVE IT. Until you BELIEVE you deserve better behavior, from your man, you will never get better behavior. Until you believe YOU can behave better, in a relationship, you won't. You need to grow up a little, start believing in yourself, start ACTING like you believe in yourself, and understand that you are worth love. Until you refuse to allow men to use you, they will. Until you learn to have some dicipline, you will continue to attempt "revenge" on these men when they do use you. You say you want help, well help starts at home, girlfriend. You need to start by helping yourself, to a little strength, diginity, self love, self pride and knowledge of the dynamics of your dysfuctional relationship. I once heard that GUILT is a whip we beat ourselves up with, so we don't have to change. We punish ourselves, so we feel we've done something and we don't have to face the bigger problems that influence the way we behave. So, stop feeling guilty about a meaningless, yes I said it had NO MEANING, drunken kiss and start the much harder, but more fruitful task of working on yourself and your future. You will be glad you did.
Like the other posters here, I don't mean to be harsh. We all want you to be happy, but happiness doesn't just happen. It has to be worked for, to be achieved, and then tended to, to continue to grow. Happiness starts within yourself and spreads to the rest of your life and relationships. You can be happy, but it will take a little work to achieve.
i find it extremely hipicrital of him to sit here and be very 'angry' with you and believe the rumors of what people on the outside are saying.

How was it for you? Did you hear rumors? Did people talk bad of your boyfriend, did you believe the rumors. I just cant understand where he comes off acting like he has every right in the world to beyond mad at you when what he has done is far far farrrr worse then what you did to him.

and his family is interfering??? did they interfer when he screwed up? Did they encourage him to tell you of his wrong doings and to break up with you because of what he did to you.

It sounds like he annouced to everyone he knew "my girlfriend cheated on me by kissing another guy while we were seperated" But it seems he forgot to say "but I slept with two other women in the past" how is it such a shame on you but not on him???

These people are on the outside looking in on this board, they are giving you the best advice you can get...goodluck!

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