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Thanks to everybody for their insight and opinions. [B]knowledge_miner[/B]'s answer brought a breath of fresh air,in terms of actually focusing on what could've been my share of the deal.
I was thinking a lot and realised, that whenever our partners are unsatisfied we are part of the problem.
So I went back in time to around the time this all has happened and realised that our relationship was going quite bad. I was quite cold to him and even said I don't want to be his girlfriend anymore. To defend why I felt this way, let me just tell you, he was frustrating me a lot! However, we just moved and I was quite on edge, as the place had a lot of fixing up to do and he wasn't participating. On the other hand he was working very long hours outside in the heat, so no wonder he didn't feel like doing much after he got home. I failed to realise that then...
And that was precisely the reason, why he reacted with reservations to my love letter.
So anyway, we had a talk during the weekend where I brought up the issue of the girl from the bus (I didn't say though, that I snooped again - I saw no point in confronting/attacking him like that. It would've only made it worse). So he did tell me they communicated since that first time and he said it was because he was feeling lonely and unloved. After that mail exchange allegedly nothing happened, because things got better with us and he felt no need to meet somebody. The reason he wanted to meet her was to have some interaction with a female, (not sexual) since he felt so deprived. Now, I don't approve flirting or whatever this should be called, but I do trust him, that he didn't go further with this.
I think he was just trying to proove to himself, that "he still has it". He's a kind of guy that needs constant admiration and attention.
I guess, we can say our relationship could be jeopardised, whenever times aren't good, but I hope to still talk to him, that running to another woman is not a solution when the two of us are having a problem.
He didn't realise that why I was so angry with him back then, was his ignorance. Instead of looking within himself, what the problem could be (and boy, did I point it out to him!) he was looking for "soothing" conversations elsewhere. That's quite whimpy, but he still has to learn and I still have patience with him, because I see potential.
I don't think freaking out and breaking up with somebody for however suspicious reasons is a solution. The society today is doing that too much! There's much more closenes within a couple if you're able to sail through some hard times and stay together - and learn from it.

P.S. knowledge_miner - thanks for the comment on my nickname. The phrase is from the movie "Moonstruck" and there was a time I really felt that way.... haha

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