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hi everyone. :wave: .to continue my previous threads, [I]its gone from bad to me please[/I] and [I]how bad is a kiss...really?[/I] this is the latest update: things seem to be getting back on track now (thank god!) but i am not going to get too excited because whenever things are going good it always gets messed up so im not going to tempt fate...

my mood is a bit better now because he called me and apologised for getting so angry the other day and said that he didnt want to break up with me over this and that he loves me more than anything :eek: and that he was going to tell interfeering friends and family that he has spoken to me and we are trying to work things out between the two of us.
He says that he just wont discuss it with them again and he agrees that i am right , that the more people we discuss our relationship with,the more probelms and complications that will arise, an i really believe that is so true...

Hopefully things will work out now,i just want to be happy and i want him to be happy...

but i have been thinking maybe i should just stay away from people for a while to let the dust settle (so to speak)at least then i will have done something to make sure that they(the people spreading rumors and interfeering) have absloutley NOTHING to say about me..true or not because i would know that i havent been around....
or maybe would it make me look guilty or something?
i know i shouldnt have to hide away and thats not what i am trying to do its just that the last week or two has been very eventfull, not to mention upsetting and stressfull so i just want some peace for a while... :confused:

then if anyone does have the stupidity to say anything at least i will know they are lying and more importantly my boyfriend will know..
i just want to stop making bad decisions and i do believe that we control our own fate so maybe this would be a good way to start getting in control of mine...would it?

is this a good idea? will it make me look guilty?
please let me know what you think..

and again i want to say thank-you for everyones advice..


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