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I feel the need to caution you on something, DewDrop. Your words sound EXACTLY like mine about 5 months ago when I decided to take that leap into a relationship with a long-time male friend. We'd already spent years getting to know each other, and everyone kept encouraging us to be together- they were all so shocked that it took us so long to realize we're made for each other. We had so much in common and I could SEE my future with him. I could visualize it like nothing ever before. It was the perfect happy ending. Everything "fit". So I thought the same thing as you did! I felt this need to skip dating and just get married. Who needs dating?! We've spent years being so close and we both had come to this clear and obvious conclusion that we're meant to be together.
That's why I hadn't noticed the obvious RED FLAG that it was insanely awkward to kiss him. The mere thought of doing anything more was just completely weird. I thought it would just take some getting used to because it was such a different experience for us!
Um, this is the WORST DISASTER of my life so far- my choice to do this. Just the thought that I once kissed him makes me shake and want to vomit. I don't speak to him anymore at all. It's too weird and unsettling. And to think- I had been 100% convinced that this is what I wanted for my life! There were no doubts whatsoever. I didn't see it coming.
MAKE SURE you two have physical compatibility and chemistry. I was seriously in the EXACT SAME frame of mind you are in. Just watch out.

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