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She's asking to sleep at your house!! Lazer, I dont know how long you plan on being hurt but this girl is really pushing for the long run. You need to tell her what she is doing to you and exactly HOW it is making you feel inside and out! She is breaking your heart and doesnt seem to care.

Just like stacy mentioned and I have mentioned in the past, you need and must stop spending as much time with her. Start weening yourself from her, start hanging out with your friends more, put her on the back burner. Do NOT make it a point to see her, talk to her or spend time with her. Start limiting your contact. If you dont do this your not going to get over her for quite some time.

Do you want to be hurting all of the time? Do you want your stomach in knots? Ask her she feels about doing this to you. She has already told you "dont wait around for me" this in girl terms, coming from a girl translates to: I dont like you and I dont want to be your girlfirend. So take that as a hint and stop now.

Your making yourself depressed because she's a tease. This doesnt make her mature this makes her selfish. She is getting what she wants, a boyfriend and a guy that is a best friend who she can cry with and share time with. You are her version of a female best friend. She should be crying on her girlfriends shoulder not yours. She shouldnt be spending time with you like she is your girlfriend when she is not.

You will always be in this state of mind and feeling if you continue on with her the way you are. She should know what she is doing to you. She knows your like her, girls can tell when boys like them, so she knows. She is taking complete advantage of the situation right now and you are allowing her to do so.

This is all I can continue to tell you Lazer. She is no good, she is bad news, she treats you bad and has no respect for you like a real friend should. Please I beg you start doing your own thing without her. This is the best thing for you right now. IF she asks to sleep over you tell her "no i have other plans tonight" if she needs a shoulder to cry on again tell her, "im sorry I cant do this anymore, your torture is my torture too"

This is all the advice I can give you Lazer, if your not going to take it then you are going to continue to sit around and wonder "why do i like her still???" Answer: because you spend all the time you can with her!!! "Will we date again??" Answer: NO she takes advantage of you and treats you like no friend should be treated, she's a lost cause. "What can I do to get over her???: Answer: LIMIT your contact with her. Starting now, slowly let it go....if you dont you can and will sit around feeling this way!


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