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[QUOTE=mada_3083]ok group discussion, i mean if you see a girl that your interested in, in a group with her friends, approach the whole group and talk to them. it'll take some pressure off you to keep conversation flowing.

i understand where your coming from, now RELAX and realise there is no set of rules to develop these things. that's right, no game plan, no tactic nothing will work. you just have to interact. you can make 10000000 excuses, none will get you a girl.

what do you do OUTSIDE of school? i ask this because it seems that your focusing on school alot.

ok, breaks between classes (i.e. lunch) see a girl or group of girls... approach with what i suggested. worst case scenario, they'll fob you off. what have you lost? nothing. what have you gained? with every rejection, the fear of rejection becomes less, because you realise it's not that bad. if the girl doesn't want to talk to you, then there's not much chance she would have been a suitable partner, so you've eliminated one possibility.

as for the fact you've never seen other guys do this... (dont take this the wrong way)well if your such an expert through studying what other guys do, then why not just copy that? otherwise give it a shot. as for conveniant times, try when your exiting the class, or during breaks in the class.

then after discussing the point/ points, and if you enjoy this girls company, tell her that. either ask for a number, or ask her if she'd like to go for a drink/ coffee/ meal (drink or coffee is better as it's more informal and you've justmet this girl) have a TIME and PLACE in mind (or at least a time)... avoid busy nights like saturday night, where she's likely to have plans... if she can't make it, simply ask for her number so that you can arrange another time.

you form friendships/ relationships by TALKING. then progressing to physical cues... it's not a process that can be learnt by study or theory or analisis, it relies on you opening up your experience levels by doing it. there is no reason why today you can't go out and start a conversation with 5 girls you didn't know before today. just do it for a couple of weeks, then get back to us :)

WHAT'S SO HARD ABOUT THAT? and what haven't i addressed? no need to reword your whole first post. just tell me what i missed[/QUOTE]

I still don't understand where you are both coming from. I must not be clear on who I am and what my problems really are.

Just to clear things up, I'm not the type of guy that goes up to a girl and tells her she's hot and asks for her number. I don't think I've ever done that. I have gone up and tried to break the ice, and haven't succeeded yet. I've never asked a girl, if she has a b/f, since I am too afraid to anyway. I mean after a while with this one girl, I was frustrated as to why she wasn't talking to me, so I had told her why I was talking her, but either way nothing progressed.

as for approaching a group of girls, that is honestly really tough for me. They seem to be in their own world, and I feel bad if go over and disturb them. As for seeing a girls by herself, I feel more comfortable going up to her then.

as for rejection, it's easy for you to say it's nothing, but for me it's something. I am an emotional guy and I've been rejected plenty of times, and each one has hurt me a lot. Sure I've gotten over most of them over time, but it seriously scars me and I feel neglectful everytime I want to talk to a girl I don't know, because of my past failures. I still see hope in all of this, but rejection isn't just something that's nothing. This may sound like an excuse but not everyone takes rejection the same as everyone else. I know one guy who gets completely devasted by rejection, it seems like he goes through a mini depression. As for me I don't get completely devastated since I respect the women's decisions and there's nothing I can do, but it bothers me everytime I see the women that have rejected me.

Just recently I had tried to talk to a girl that I kinda knew and had liked before, but just wanted to progress a friendship and she basically denied me. Now everytime I see her at school I was really embarrassed for being a failure towards her. It really hurts. I never told her that she's hot or asked her if she has a b/f. I just tried to be a friend at first and I did ask her if she wanted to hang out and she did say yes and gave me her number, yet I failed.

You know I have a problem where I'll say "hi," or whatever to girls in class, but I never really hang out with them or progress my friendship with them.

Here's a question that I've struggled with:

What do I talk about that would make sense with the situation at hand? It doesn't make sense to me to walk up to a group of girls and talk about the world series, when they are in their own world talking about a party they went to or doing homework. Do you get what I'm saying? I just don't understand how I can go over and talk about anything. I know there aren't any written rules, but I still am lost.

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