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firstly you have to remember that being ''friends'' with a woman does not give you the right to expect a romantic relationship because in my experience when i have gotten close to a man and he then tells me he would like ''more'' than that i have mostly always had to say no because when i get close to a man in a friendship way i would not want to jeopridise that by trying a relationship that might not work out and then i risk loosing a friend..i think that sounded a bit confusing but do you know what i mean?

you should try to be at ease with women , act confident (not too confident as that is a turn off) and try to listen to them when they speak to you,cos' women love to talk!

do you have many male friends? if you do im sure some of them have girlfriends or just friends who are women and maybe you could observe how they act around them and try to pick up some ''tips'' on how to talk to them.

when you are in school do you sit beside a paticurlar girl or have alot of classes with a girl that you like?

if you do you should try talking to her, maybe start by saying hi and then move on from that talk more about maybe your classes, maybe some project that might be going on.

If you wanted to go out with a girl for A drink or to a movie or something and you are not sure how she would react to the invitation,like it just being the two of you might intimidate her, so ask her out in a group,like for example if you are going out with a friends somewhere just casually ask in a conversation ''oh what are you up to tonight'' and if she says ''nothing'' that would be a great time to ask would she like to join you and friends for a drink...

Feel free to post back if you want to ask anything...


I realize that just being friends with a woman won't get me a g/f. I don't expect that, although I hope for something to spark up as I gain more friends who are women. After all isn't your romantic partner your best friend?

I'm usually at ease with most women whom I do not have a crush on or whom I've never really thought about or saw before. If I start to have a crush on them, it becomes harder for me to communicate, but I can easily do the "hi, how are you" given the right situation. I work on campus and I am always communicating with women, and have a really easy time doing so (co-workers, other students), but it's the workplace and I can't really do much else than do my job, lol. Well I'll occassionally bring up convos like "how do you like that class," or make a remark on how they always come to my work or whatever.

I have a lot of male friends, and some of them have had g/f's, and I've asked them for help, but I haven't really gotten anywhere with that yet.

I normally sit in the back of class in most of my classes. There is this one class where I regret sitting in the back because there are many girls sitting in the middle area that I could sit at, but we're already 4 weeks into school and everyone has already found their spot in class. And I have a couple friends I sit with, so I feel like I'm obligated to sit with them.

right now I do not know if there are any girls that I have a crush on. There are two girls that I find attractive and wouldn't mind talking to, but I don't have much of a clue on how to find the right opportunity and how to initiate and keep a conversation going with them.

My biggest problem is just progressively talking to women. I can say the "hi, how are you," but what else? Even if I mentioned "how is your project going" I wouldn't know what else to say other than stuff about the project given the situation if she gave explicit details about her project. If she said "good" then went quiet, I'd be in trouble. lol


- I've tried not focusing on getting their number, but I still don't get anywhere. I just know how to initiate, but not continue conversations and friendships. Even with girls that I've talked to before, I have problems just keeping in touch with them. :(

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