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[QUOTE=dedication_pos]I still don't understand where you are both coming from. I must not be clear on who I am and what my problems really are. .[/QUOTE]

no your not really

[QUOTE=dedication_pos]as for approaching a group of girls, that is honestly really tough for me. They seem to be in their own world, and I feel bad if go over and disturb them. As for seeing a girls by herself, I feel more comfortable going up to her then. .[/QUOTE]

practice makes perfect, you won't die from the experience, and honestly you can say this this and this is too hard why can't i get a girlfriend, or you can try different things and expand your comfort zone at the same time.

[QUOTE=dedication_pos]as for rejection, it's easy for you to say it's nothing, but for me it's something. I am an emotional guy and I've been rejected plenty of times, and each one has hurt me a lot. Sure I've gotten over most of them over time, but it seriously scars me and I feel neglectful everytime I want to talk to a girl I don't know, because of my past failures. I still see hope in all of this, but rejection isn't just something that's nothing. This may sound like an excuse but not everyone takes rejection the same as everyone else. I know one guy who gets completely devasted by rejection, it seems like he goes through a mini depression. As for me I don't get completely devastated since I respect the women's decisions and there's nothing I can do, but it bothers me everytime I see the women that have rejected me. .[/QUOTE]

no offense but it is just an excuse... i am an emotional guy too, i USED to be scared of rejection, but you have to make a choice in life, suffer the uncomforts and reap the rewards, or live safely and get nowhere. we all have an aversion to rejection, some more than others, and i honestly feel your pain. i too looked for an easy way, or the set of instructions, but realised through living that you gotta risk it. if i can deal with the girl i'm engaged to dumping me for a friend after 3 years, just on a whim, and get back out there, you can approach a few girls.

[QUOTE=dedication_pos]What do I talk about that would make sense with the situation at hand? It doesn't make sense to me to walk up to a group of girls and talk about the world series, when they are in their own world talking about a party they went to or doing homework. Do you get what I'm saying? I just don't understand how I can go over and talk about anything. I know there aren't any written rules, but I still am lost.[/QUOTE]

nothing that you think about now will relate to the situation. at least the things i suggest make some sense. i mean if you can't think of how to "fit in" to the situation when it presents itself, at least having an interesting opening, or something that will challenge and lead to further conversation will work. it shows that your not just making conversation to get into her pants (even if that's not your intention, throw away conversation has that appearance to it), but your interested in her OPINION, in her thoughts, in who she really is... i mean if she's an attractive girl she might have 5 guys agreeing with her about how cool yesterdays party was and 15 guys ask her how she did on the test, but only one guy that asked her honest opinion on something that mattered, and showed her that they really cared instead of just asking generic and obvious questions. there is no handbook to life. get out and live it is the only advice anyone can give.

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