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hi i hope the breakup wasnt too bad,sometimes they can get very nasty...

When relationships end we sometimes feel very alone anyway due to your ex partner usually being the most constant person in our lives, seeing them, talking to them and thinking about them constantly.
In my experience the most thing i have ever missed about a ex partner is the constant contact but it gets easier as time me!
You say that you only broke up a few days ago? well is it possible that what you are feeling is just lonely-ness due to the sudden cut-off of that contact?

I dont know how long you were seeing your b/f but for example say it was a year, well think back to the time before you were seeing him, did you have alot of friends then or were things just as they are now that you are not seeing him again?

You say that you have male friends, well im sure some of them have girlfriends so maybe you could suggest a night out with all your male friends and if they bring there girlfriennds or just some female friends then get chatting to the girls and suggest a night out-all of you girls- without the men..its a good way to try and get to know them better when you are out, without the men and i can gurantee you that the girls will be up for it as us women are always up for a night out without the men..girls always love a ''girls night out''

Another way to get to know women and more men is in work, i dont know what kind of job you work in or what the female/male ratio is like in your work place but there are always nights when people from work will all go out for a few drinks after work and if that opportunity comes up then you should go along and then if you get talking to someone or a few people that you feel that you like then you could suggest you all go out some time..

I know it is not easy to make new friends, especially when you are a bit older..god if it was only as easy as when we were kids!!!
The important thing to rememeber is to be friendly and open to people and you should have no problem!
Also i dont mean to sound presumptious or anything but when you do make these friends and then you get a new boyfriend you have to make sure that you dont cut your friends off just becuase you have a b/ not saying thats what you do or anything but just make sure you dont cos' people hate that..

I hope i helped..

good luck,


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