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Yes, depression did harm and end my relationship.

I became very depressed after my father passed away. I was irritable...snapping at my boyfriend for no reason...getting angry at the littlest things...taking all my anger out on him. I was very unhappy and I had no idea how to feel happy anymore....I would push him away....I would blame him for my unhappiness...

After awhile he just started to distance himself. Looking back, I can understand why...but at the time, I just got more angry at him. We would fight constantly...our relationship was falling apart and that made me even more depressed. It was a vicious cycle, until finally things ended...he said he didn't know how to make me happy anymore.

Finally, I went to see a doctor because I realized he wasn't he reason I was so unhappy. I was on paxil, but that didn't work. Then my doctor put me on Wellbutrin and I've gotten a lot better...

Just an aside...we got back together afterwards, stay together for a while but in the end it didn't work out (for different reasons).

What I'm trying to say have no control over the way she feels...her condition may be the result of either a trauma that has never been dealt with adequately or because of a chemical imbalance in her brain. It is completely understandable that her condition would put a huge strain on your relationship and one person alone cannot hold or save a relationship.

I'm not suggesting that you leave your gf if she doesn't get treated, but I'm also not suggesting that you should stay with her and deal with her condition....that's really your decision

My suggestion is that you try to get her to see a doctor. She needs to deal with her depression both in counseling and through medication. It's obvious that you care deeply for your girlfriend and that's why you're having such a hard time with this...if you didn't care I'm sure you would have left without a second thought.

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