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I agree to Sophia on every word that she said and even if I dont know her I would proudly say that I respect her so much...I can relate to Guy's girlfriend. I think she just loves him very much and the reason why she is like this kind of attitude and if sometimes she would overreact is bcoz Guy is not securing her from what she needs.She turned out to be needy or clingy coz maybe shes not getting the attention she wants to get from Guy.I think shes a very loving,caring and thoughtful type of girl.She just wants to receive the same amount of love shes giving to her boyfriend and I think Guys' not doin his part.I think Guy is a cold hearted type of person.A guy who doesnt talk that much and I guess his girlfriend is always wondering what is on his mind...
Sophia commented about girl's panicking when they are in their mid 20s or early 30s and I can attest to that.Me,myself I am also like that..I am already 29 and I want assurances and security.It's like I am running out of time so if I have a bf who I think is in love with me and vice versa then why would there be a problem for us not to settle down.If you love a person you want to be with him forever right???...I could tell that Guy is not yet ready for any marriage..I think he still wants to experience a lot of things esp. he said that it's his first serious relationship.Deep in his heart he wants to try other things or maybe I would think he wants to try another relationship just to know whats the difference...I think Guy is not worthy of his gf..She just loves him a lot and I dont see any problem with that.She acts like shes insecure coz hes not giving importance to her feelings.She wont be insecure if Guy is doing his part as a loving boyfriend...
You know Guy,you would definitely regret it if you lose this girl.Maybe at first you would feel good coz u dont have to experience fightings but at the end of the day you would remember her and all the nice qualities you saw on her.I could see her as a good housewife and a very nice mother if she gets what she wants and if she is contented or satisfied with the kind of attitude you would give her.Nobodys perfect and all she wants is somehow a peace of mind of securing herself being with you forever..
It's very sad but I think you dont love her that much coz if you do you would never think a lot of times wether you want to marry this girl.You have to let her go..It will be very painful for her but I am 100% sure that she would move on.

To Sophia: I want to ask for your advice about my problem with my bf.I posted it already and I want your honest opinions.Again,I respect you so much.Thankyou in advance.

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