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[QUOTE=SophiaM]Well, I don't remember the whole story; how old the two of you are, how long together, etc. but if your gf is in her late 20s to 30s, I can understand her feeling somewhat urgent about marriage. Women's options for finding a husband and being able to have healthy kids decrease as we get older and that's just the reality of it. Of course, there are always exceptions, but no one can deny that, in general, a woman in her mid or late 20s has a better chance of finding a man interested in marrying her than a woman in her late 30s or 40s, regardless of how attractive she is. So, it all depends, but if you don't see yourself ever marrying your girlfriend, you should break up with her as soon as possible so she can still be young enough to find and marry a guy who truly wants her and to have children if she so desires. There are plenty of men who do want to have a wife and family, so just because you're in no hurry doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't be happy to make her his wife. No wonder she gets depressed. I truly apologize if I made any wrong assumptions here and if your gf is in fact unstable, or if you've only been dating for a couple of months and she's already pressuring you heavily. I'm just saying that in general, most women who have never been married and have been in a decent relationship with a man they love would like to marry that man. It's a compliment to the man, actually, unless the woman is really so desperate that she would be willing to marry anything that walks. Hope this helps a litte.[/QUOTE]
I agree! Again, I haven't read your previous posts, but from experience I know that the poster can sometimes create a bad picture of their mate on here. Me being in my late 20's, if I were dating a guy for 1.5 years and he still didn't show signs of it being serious, I'd walk! I've been with my bf for about 9 months. He's 5 years younger, so I can understand him as well, but if in another year there will be no signs of him wanting to make me his, I will have to look elsewhere. It's the call of nature!
Hey Nini,

I don't think ANYONE who reads your posts would EVER say that your advice isn't wonderfully helpful or that what you say doesn't make sense--if they did they couldn't be further from the truth, as your insights have always been invaluable. I really hope it didn't seem like I was suggesting that your lack of dating experience in any way renders your input less perceptive or accurate. The only thing that your experience with your ex seems to inhibit and harm is you, and people who care about you just hate to see him continue to cause you pain. Everything you say in your last post seems very accurate and persuasive, it's just that it saddens your friends to see how your ex has damaged your faith in men and your hopes that you will one day find the kind of love you want and deserve. I think we'd do anything if only there was some way we could help you feel less hurt and to find happiness, love, and companionship. It seems like there HAS to be some way to help such an amazing, loving woman meet her dream man, as I just know that many men would be delighted to get to know you if only they had the chance. Can I ask if you have any idea what it is that has gotten in the way of you experiencing romantic success, because I don't know if anyone here has a clue how someone we love so much hasn't experienced much of that love in her real life...:confused:

Anyway, I don't think anyone meant to suggest that your comments didn't make sense; I certainly did not and apologize if I mistakenly gave off the wrong impression. If I was Guy, I'd be extremely grateful for your insight and would have found your perspective to be really helpful and enlightening. The only thing I wasn't in total agreement with you on was whether or not Guy had given his girlfriend the impression that he was planning on marrying her eventually, though I have no way of knowing the truth about that (though I'd still be interested to hear more details if Guy doesn't mind elaborating). Regardless, it doesn't seem like he particularly wants to spend his life with her, and I believe that it will be better for both of them if they part ways and find people who are better suited for them in the long run. Guy, can you tell us how you are currently feeling about your relationship? How have things been going with your GF lately? What do you think of the feedback you've received--do you have any idea how you want to proceed with this situation? Is there anything we can help you with that hasn't already been said, such as maybe advice on how to cope with your relationship if you decide you want to make it work? Hopefully you'll fill us in and let us know what you've been thinking...regardless of what you end up deciding, you seem like a thoughtful guy who really deserves to be happy in his relationships, and I hope you are able to experience this kind of happiness again soon, one way or another :).
I agree to Sophia on every word that she said and even if I dont know her I would proudly say that I respect her so much...I can relate to Guy's girlfriend. I think she just loves him very much and the reason why she is like this kind of attitude and if sometimes she would overreact is bcoz Guy is not securing her from what she needs.She turned out to be needy or clingy coz maybe shes not getting the attention she wants to get from Guy.I think shes a very loving,caring and thoughtful type of girl.She just wants to receive the same amount of love shes giving to her boyfriend and I think Guys' not doin his part.I think Guy is a cold hearted type of person.A guy who doesnt talk that much and I guess his girlfriend is always wondering what is on his mind...
Sophia commented about girl's panicking when they are in their mid 20s or early 30s and I can attest to that.Me,myself I am also like that..I am already 29 and I want assurances and security.It's like I am running out of time so if I have a bf who I think is in love with me and vice versa then why would there be a problem for us not to settle down.If you love a person you want to be with him forever right???...I could tell that Guy is not yet ready for any marriage..I think he still wants to experience a lot of things esp. he said that it's his first serious relationship.Deep in his heart he wants to try other things or maybe I would think he wants to try another relationship just to know whats the difference...I think Guy is not worthy of his gf..She just loves him a lot and I dont see any problem with that.She acts like shes insecure coz hes not giving importance to her feelings.She wont be insecure if Guy is doing his part as a loving boyfriend...
You know Guy,you would definitely regret it if you lose this girl.Maybe at first you would feel good coz u dont have to experience fightings but at the end of the day you would remember her and all the nice qualities you saw on her.I could see her as a good housewife and a very nice mother if she gets what she wants and if she is contented or satisfied with the kind of attitude you would give her.Nobodys perfect and all she wants is somehow a peace of mind of securing herself being with you forever..
It's very sad but I think you dont love her that much coz if you do you would never think a lot of times wether you want to marry this girl.You have to let her go..It will be very painful for her but I am 100% sure that she would move on.

To Sophia: I want to ask for your advice about my problem with my bf.I posted it already and I want your honest opinions.Again,I respect you so much.Thankyou in advance.

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