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[QUOTE=goody2shuz]Hi ~ If you love her and she is the one that is beautiful in your eyes then prove it to her & yourself & lay off the porn. It is a simple thing to do in order to make her happy & to make her feel like the most beautiful person that you love. Just because other guys do it is not good enough a reason....if you love her you will win her back and do so by having eyes for just her. I think if the situation were reversed, you would feel the same way. You wouldn't feel loved or respected if she were in the other room looking at naked pics of men, would you???

Be a man & make things right....Goody :wave:[/QUOTE]

i can't believe that this is a problem... why lay off the porn? what's next, lay off going out with friends, doing the hobbies you've done since way before you met her... i know, why not just buy a leash? do you expect her to give up doing things she enjoys? i mean obviously she has little respect for you, or wants to hold up her side of the relationship.. she cheated on you, and now is becoming drama queen of the century because you looked at some dirty pics? i think you've been a man, swallowed your pride, and handed your life over to someone that doesn't respect that... you have to earn TRUST back? what has she done to earn your trust?

goody, you suggest he makes things right? his actions (something that most men do since early teenage years) hardly compare with the sacrifice he's made (i.e. self esteem) by working things out after her infidelity... redsoxgirl sounds like a girl with her head screwed on right. she knows that a relationship goes beyond a few misplaced electrons in cyberporn, and she has the security in her relationship despite her SELF PERCIEVED flaws...

[B]{removed}[/B] she sounds like she's looking for a way out, or a way to aleviate her guilt about cheating by making her the victim and you the perpetrator... and the whole tease then go do something else... if it's malicious (i.e. not just playing, where you know that things will heat up later :))... classic signs of a woman who's very controlling, and probably not in it with your best interests at heart.

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