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[QUOTE=laurie864bla]So true about the feeling. I wanted to site something about that, that I have experienced personally--b/c it's real proof to me that this theory is true about feeling sexy and people noticing....

I was married for 10 yrs, in relationship for 12 w/ him. Never so much as looked at another man during this time. I have always been blessed with good looks, tall, thin, great teeth, skin, a flair for fashion, and very confident. Now--that being said---I was made to feel so unwanted, so un sexy during my practically sexless marriage to an abusive man. NO ONE ever looked at me. Maybe super occasionally--but just looking a bit.

I got out, got some help for myself, and feel SOOO much better about myself. NOT just a confidence thing. I always had confidence-always knew I deserved better than my husband, but stuck it out b/c it was a "marriage." I felt better as a sexual being--and started thinking about it much more, "Hey!!! I get to do this again...OMG!! I get to do this again...."

Once that occured--all bets were off! LOL! I'm not kidding. I practically have to beat them off w/ a stick. Everywhere. Grocery store, gas station, bars(forget about it!), the pool, the football games, etc.. I get guys practically breaking thier darn necks from their cars. Silly!!

But my point is--I have not changed physically. I have always worn makeup, always had brown hair, eyes, taken pride in my appearance. So what gives?? My friends have this running joke that "they can smell me!!" (could it really be pharamones??) It MUST be feeling sexy. It has to be, don't you think??[/QUOTE]

Good for you!!

My wife was like you tho she always have been overweight but she is a stunning looking woman. Unlike your husband tho I never said a word about her looks. We had a fantastic sex life, she just always had a low self asteam. She was molested as a kid :( I always said she was stunning.

But after the affair she had, boy did she change for the better. Dresses sexy, looks fantastic, lost weight. Damn she is hot now and I tell her all the time. i always told her she was so good looking but I think sometimes it takes other people and other men to let them know it.

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