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Hi Sophia, Ruth, & Goody,

Yes, I was thinking about the same thing about a Bereavement Group, one that both my son & I can attend. My son's school provided me with information for my son when he went back to school.

Funny how everyone not just here on this board, but my family & friends too mention that my Husband, could be jealous. I have given him no reason to be jealous - I don't even think my actions have shown my loss while I'm with him. My discussions with him was about my son and how to get him through his lost. I have talked and talked to him about my love for HIM. I don't like being accused of liking other men or thinking about other boyfriends....
He has mentioned that in our agruements - ME being a strong willed woman who doesn't hold back - Told Him, He was my boyfriend for 7 years - I married HIM - while on earth would I be thinking about another Man? If that is what I wanted: 1) I would not be in our relationship and 2) I would have not married him If I wanted a Boyfriend or fool around..........
Why doesn't he Get That? I give Him No Reason to be Jealous - NONE!

I have "told" him over and over - He is the Perfect Man for Me.....I searched High & Low for a Man like him.......We are so great together ( he too has agreed ) so why on earth would he want to Ruin It for both of Us?
Boy, they say Woman are High Maintiance...I'm now starting to believe my Husband is High Maintaince. :eek:

I know YOU ARE ALL RIGHT with your advice - and I'm in agreement with you all - as I mentioned my friends & family have said the same thing.
So, I'm not getting it? If he is jealous and insecure - How much more to I have to "PROVE" my love to him? Maybe a Weekend Away? After all I had the BEST honeymoon ever...Just an awesome time....We both did....The wedding reception I had planned for 3 months at my house with 130 people was a success - He was SO HAPPY, he said so, he was SO PROUD of me, he said so.......It was an outdoor wedding at our home - laid back - and I couldn't ask for a better Sunny perfect weather day.......He smiled for 3 days on how Happy He was.......What a Great job I did.......He even didn't care what I spent on the reception because he said it was Perfect and everyone enjoyed themselves.........So life threw us a hugh curve ball..........I'm dealing with it, why can't HE?

ON a good note - we did have a good night last night not just the two of us but the three of us - My Son too! The three of us were hanging and Talking about my son's future - My son was asking so many questions, about college, a career, what direction to go - I was able to answer all his questions and my husband was awesome too with his advice....MY SON was smiling and joking with both of us........and Both of them - my husband & my son were poking fun at me...I didn't mind and laughed along cause they were right...
I'm a freak about the house being clean - LOL..Poke all you want on my neatness and cleaness....Always have been and never will change that. :)
So, it was a pretty good night..The first in awhile...

Sorry so long - it does feel good to post this, get your advice and just let it all out....I will look into the Bereavement Groups - I really think that will help my son & I............. :angel:

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