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[QUOTE=goody2shuz]Piranna ~ I can only imagine how difficult this all must be and how disappointed you must be in not having things work out the way you had hoped they would.[/QUOTE]

--More then you know goody. This debt has been known to us for about 5 months now. This is the last thing I wanted to happen to us. And I never expected his parents to keep pulling the crap they do with buying new items. Not even buying but "renting to buy" which ends up costing more in the end UGH. :rolleyes:

[QUOTE=goody2shuz]I know that you don't want to hurt your fiance, but the reality is what is suppose to be a happy time is filled with so much misery. You will only look back on this time as being a time of pain & sadness, fighting and stress, when it should be a happy time for the two of you.[/QUOTE]

---Again you are right. There shouldnt be so much fighting, the worse of it is the debt we rarely fight over anything else it's mostly this debt issue, damn his parents. I dont want to look back at this and know it was so terrible. But no matter what this time will forever be engraved in my life with or without him because it caused me so much stress as well.

[QUOTE=goody2shuz]Most of all, from most of your posts it seems that although your fiance was taken advantage of he never really takes a stand about anything. While his parents are buying more things for themselves you & he have the headaches of the debt they put you in. And at the same time your fiance has no problem telling YOU that his mom's feelings are hurt because she doesn't feel included enough in your wedding plans!!! :eek: What about him telling her that it is unfair that you have to take on their debt with him and cannot even get a loan because of what they did???[/QUOTE]

---I think he doesnt feel it is appropriate to approach his mom and step dad and tell them how he feels it should be. He doesnt like conflict and he'll do anything to avoid it. I agree w/you I think he should be taking a stand not only for myself but most importantly him! I want him to confront them and to feel like trash, but as we both know we cannot change anyone but ourselves. I want my boyfriend to contront them and give them a piece of my mind about the debt about how unfair they are being ect. I know it may be wasted air but at least his mother will know why I have hatred towards her. My fiance even knows why, the last time he brought it up he told me I need to talk to her, he said "i know you have issues with her right now but you need to talk to her" it's like "if you know why dont you tell her WHY I have these issues?! instead i told him "i cant talk to her about it right now, all it will do is upset me more and truthfully I dont wanna talk". Then a few days later goody they went to that "rent to own" joint and came home with a dishwasher!!! :eek:

[QUOTE=goody2shuz]Are you able to change yourself into a someone who can accept your fiance & his family the way they are, flaws & all??? And realize that your future is going to always somewhat be a part of all of their lives??[/QUOTE]

--I dont know the answer to this yet. I want to talk to him tomorrow and see what we can do. Right now with all the anger I have Im going to say no I cant accept his family. I can accept my boyfriend but I dont have to do anything for his family. I'm going to tell him tomorrow it may take me years to like them again and if he has a problem with that I dont know what to do.

[QUOTE=goody2shuz]The planning for a wedding day is so little compared to planning for an entire lifetime with one another. You need to look at the big picture of an entire future rather than one day. Perhaps that will put things in better perspective for you.[/QUOTE]

You are right my future is more important then one day to plan....I dont know this will take some time to discuss with him. Thanks again goody!

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