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[COLOR=Magenta]First of all, Thanks to everyone who has posted a reply to this thread!!!!! If it weren't for people giving me their opinions and suggestions, I would not know where to start and am still really confused, although I have found some of your posts quite helpful. I'm still very,very confused with my marriage and the decision I need to make!!!!!!I have told my husband that we do need some time away and his answer is "If you need time away, then don't come back". And that scares me alot, because I do need this time away to figure out what I really want. But he is now to the point where he is saying that we need time away, so maybe it's that time. It's just all very scary to me, because of the baby, I have no job(because my husband makes enough money that he don't want me to work), and we also only have one car. But on that matter, I could live with my parents for the time away, if I could stand it that long! Sheeeeewwww!!! I just know that this needs to be done and it all needs to be done SOON! Because, the situation is not getting any better, it's actually getting worse! I really feel like I have no feelings at all for my husband right now and yes, I do AGREE with everyone on the topic of me getting married so young, that when I was 16 it was probably not True Love. It was one of those marriages that we did on the spur of the moment because he joined the military, and they were shipping him overseas for a year 21 days after we got married, so we thought we'd go ahead and get married so that we would be there for one another when he got back, so me being a rebellious teen, my parents said yes, or else I was going to get pregnant. You know, all those threats to your parents when you were younger to get them to give in. Needless to say, I filed for a divorce while he was overseas because I met another guy, keep in mind I was 16 yrs. old, he was overseas and I had never got to have my fun yet, the fun had just started! So, long story short, it took me 4-ever to get the divorce papers signed having to ship them overseas and everything, by the time I got them back, it was only one month until he was coming home, so I decided to wait and give it another chance. So, we ended up back together. Our relationship has never been perfect, we have always had our ups and downs, as with any relationship, but the problems in our relationship has always been me. This is actually not the 1st time I have cheated on my husband. So, maybe it's just been lust the whole time and I just thought i was "In Love". But, now the passion is gone in our marriage and when the passion is gone, I do believe the relationship is over. I've tried & tried to get it back, but can't seem to get it. I'm very willing to try and work our marriage out, but in another since I want to just give up,because I feel like I shouldn't drag this on hurting him anymore. I feel like I've hurt him too much, and I should not have feelings for another man, but i do! This man gives me everything my relationship is missing, and makes me feel incredible. I could go on for days about him and my marriage, but I've got to go for now! AGAIN, Thanks for all your replies! [/COLOR] :wave:

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