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are you sure that this "difference" is really a bad thing? And that it's all him?

I keep hearing how the beginning of a relationship is supposedly all about passion, and "feeling special" and just the whole fact that it's new, makes it seem so wonderful. Then, as it progresses, that initial "high" does lessen some, but is replaced with a stronger bond, more of a consistent thing where you know you're there for each other. Seeing each other probably becomes more routine, but is that so bad? I would much rather see a loved one every day, than see him twice a week because missing him would build up more in those days I don't see him.

I mean, personally, I have not experienced this. My bf and I will be together a year soon, and we haven't ever come off that initial "specialness" in the relationship. He could leave my house in the morning, and come back later that afternoon, and I still will have missed him. I still get butterflies when I see him coming up the walkway to my house. We still can't keep our hands off each other lol...everything that we did, felt, said at the beginning of our relationship has only intensified in a year, rather than decreased. From what I read and what I hear, we are an exception rather than the rule though.

I guess it depends on your situation. But, do you still say/do things that you used to when you first started dating? Do you make him feel special and wanted? Maybe he'll take cues from you...plan something fun, romantic, spontaneous....recreate your first date perhaps. Also, talk to him. Maybe he'll tell you that he's so comfortable with you that he doesn't realize what he's doing. I'm just not a fan of the whole playing hard-to-get thing....making him wait to see you just to drag it out and make him want you more? That's not how I'd solve a problem, but that's just me. I mean, if you love someone a lot and you're in a long-term relationship...the fact that you might eventually marry has to be a thought. When you're married, you won't have this time apart, this desperate desire to see each other, because nearly every day you'll wake up in the morning together and go to sleep together at the very least, with probably more time spent together in between...

I know, I'm rambling. In a nutshell, this sounds pretty normal to me, but if you feel that something is off, there's nothing wrong with communicating that to him in one way or another. If he loves you enough, he'll at least make an effort to make you feel like you used to with him.

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