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The first part of your post sounds so much like a good friend of mine. I have known her and her husband since jr. high. They were high school sweethearts who got married and they have 3 kids. He cheated all thru high school and kept it up into their marriage. But he always accused HER!!! She is the sweetest thing, very devoted to church and her kids, the last thing she would ever do is cheat! But because he cheated and felt guilt, he accused her. He would go for months without saying anything more then "yes" or "no's" to her. He gave her the silent treatment for years. Now they are getting divorced and he has turned so nasty as a way to hurt her even more.

The other part I wanted to comment on, was getting back together. My hubby and I spent 5 years of our marriage apart. We each were in other relationships. But then realized that maybe we weren't done with one another and put our marriage back together. Never once, did we rehash old crap or fight about who did what while we were seperated. We have a strong marriage today. Both of us had a chance to grow up and we did. Your husband didn't do any growing if he feels the need to scream about what you did while you were NO LONGER HIS WIFE!!!!!

It is time to leave this relationship behind, it is abusive. Stay strong!!

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