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in response to what has been said about studying vs. boyfriend "high and watching tv" while i am studying...(not saying it isn't true, it very well might be what i come home to most days) : i am very productive and work at an extremely fast pace--in fact, in my first class of the day teachers have given me a math book to work on because i'm "always way ahead" of the other students! i think if i find a place to study like a coffeeshop or barnes and noble, it will be no problem...i've talked with teachers at my school about this problem, and their recommendations are great. (i love coffee, i love barnes and noble, and it's a place i can study in peace.) i am getting a laptop as a graduation present this november, so my work can be done in a fairly short amount of time. i think the main problem is his mother...i talked to my mom about it last night, and it makes me want to cry and makes me extremely angry at the same time. his mom can't get him the counseling and meds he needs because...she is too busy spending somewhere around $60 a week on marijuana to get her son him a home away from her [sounds terrible, but it really is for the best] would help with the drugs (no one is going to buy them *for* him and get him high when she comes home from work anymore) and the adhd (because i am willing to help pay his bills.) as far as similarities v. differences, however, he is my male counterpart...he loves the same games, bands, wrestlers, and anime as i do, and i love the vast majority of his. we really "clicked" from the get-go. he truly does love me, and when he cuddles up to me like a kitty-cat, i forget all my troubles. he has a way with sedating me that i have never encountered before. he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep me happy, however it will take some time for him to decide being stoned around your sober girlfriend isn't all it's cracked up to be. now that he has a job, if he decides to buy it himself, perhaps he will realize it costs too much. i think he can change with enough gentle persuasion and help, and definitely when he moves away from his mom--she's a terrible influence on the whole family--things will start to improve.

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