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[QUOTE=glamourgal]Hey Sophia,
The helicopter guy does sound fishy, otherwise he would have answered you about his divorce. Also, I think it was good that you did not respond to the other guy's email. Hopefully tomorrow he will call to see if everything is still on to meet with your friends. Have your friends agreed to go?? Guys are so frustrating, but at least it will be something to do! I would definitely not act like you were making your plans around his. Like you said, just let him know where you and your friends will be, and tell him they are welcome to meet up with you guys if he wants to. Hopefully you will at least have fun on a night out with the girls :D ! Who knows, maybe you will meet someone else. I really wish I had more single friends.[/QUOTE]

Well, so far only one friend wants to go out tonight, so it's probably better not to meet with Steve and his friends because there will be four of them as I recall. Yeah, I wish I had more single friends too. I mean, I have a lot of unmarried acquaintances, but they have boyfriends and are not that close to me. I have one whom I used to work with and we go out about once every couple of months to catch up. She's been with her boyfriend for about 5 years now and living together for two--she's not really the "traditional" type, but I can see even she is getting frustrated with his lack of proposal. She's almost 30, ivy-league educated (I'm serious), has a decent job, so it's not unreasonable. I just don't understand what these men are waiting for??

Oh well, yeah, maybe at least my friend and I will have a good time tonight. The weather is bad so it makes me feel more gloomy than usual but hopefully my mood will improve later. Have a good weekend everyone! :wave:
[QUOTE=greeneyes100]Sophia, I know how you are feeling because I went through a period in my life where I felt I could not trust my own judgment. Once you get burned the way you have, it makes it that much harder. You have to really want to work at getting better about this. I still think the fact that your ex keeps trying to stay in touch and what you have just said in your last post means something. You are both just being stubborn! I see a grand love story in the making. I know I am always the eternal optimist! But maybe that's why you can't feel connected with someone else--have you ever considered that? Something inside you is telling you that it's not quite over with your ex in Europe.

Has he gotten in touch with you? I know he is probably feeling some of the same feelings you are. The fights that you have are not below the belt, but to me signify an enormous amount of feeling between you two. People that never fight don't care about one another; they don't get mad because they simply don't care one way or the other.

Listen to your heart. What harm would it do to drop a quick email to your ex in Europe? What have you got to lose? IN my own heart, I really think the guy is in love with you![/QUOTE]

GE, no, he hasn't tried to get in touch with me. It's been almost two months. The last time I spoke to him, he hung up on me, which made me soo mad! I hate him for doing this to me. That was our last conversation on the day he was supposed to leave and I called to wish him a good flight. I have no way of getting in touch with him; he left me no contact info. It's possible that sooner or later he will call me, but I just don't know. It's all up to him. On the other hand, I feel like he is just hurting me. How could he put me through all this uncertainty, pain and anxiety if he truly loved me? I just want to forget about him and I wish I could.
[QUOTE=SophiaM]Now I noticed this guy's profile also says he's not sure if he wants to have children and looking for someone who's also not sure. I think I do want to have children--at least one, at some point, probably in the next few years. So, overall, I don't think this guy is a good match for me[/QUOTE]

You are sooo sound like you are unsure yourself about children....didn't you say something about possibly not wanting any children a few months back??? I think that fits into the "someone who is also unsure" category. The general thinking is....when you find the right guy you will figure out together whether you want children or not and with two unsure people you will figure out things together and end up sure, one way or the other. :D

The thing you need to figure out is whether this guy has enough attributes to be compatible with you or a good match. you said, eventually he may grow on you!!! Tom certainly grew on me :D And you know what, Sophia.....the older we get the more set in our ways we tend to get. That could be another thing to have to work through.....that is, when you first meet someone who is over thrity they have been living independently for a good ten years and have accustomed to a certain way of living....right?? Doesn't mean that it can't change or adapt to anothers....but it sure makes it harder to do so. But with the right person there is certainly motivation to do so. Just another thing to consider in terms of dating in your 30's. ;)

(((HUGS))) ~ Goody :wave:
I'm finally going out tonight with that one man who has been chasing me for two months, Neal! We are going to a nice Italian place. I'm wearing a really hot dress. It's animal print chiffon and nice black sandals. :) We've already talked on the phone and he seems kosher and nice.

Also, you'll never guess what--another Greek guy is interested in me. He is moving here from Greece at the end of November. He's really handsome in his pictures. His name is Basil. But there's something about him that makes me not believe everything he says. So, we will see.

I was supposed to see Raj last week, but his sister came into town and he said he would have to reschedule. Anway, I never answered his last email. From now on, I'm going to sit tight and not contact him unless he contacts me. Also, if he does contact me, I'm going to say I want to meet somewhere first at least for a couple of drinks instead of just going over to this house. I'm pretty sure he's seeing someone else. Anway, I am not letting him tie me up emotionally in any way. I still lust for him sometimes though. :eek:

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