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[QUOTE=glamourgal]I know that it is sweet of them, but I am really tired of how people are treated based on looks. The director of my department told me that most people "like me" are not very nice, but that I was just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. The "like me" part kind of offended me--I do not like being categorized. I really do not think that I am all of that great or "beautiful"--blah, I am tired of saying/hearing the word. The way they are always giving me compliments makes me very uncomfortable. Obviously I don't have a boyfriend, so I must not be all of THAT great.

Oh, Glamour, I don't know whether to laugh or cry because I've been thinking a LOT of the same thoughts as you just expressed! On one hand, all these compliments about my looks from both men and women, and on the other hand--I am obviously still SINGLE and a guy on a train listening to his iPod is not removing his iPod to talk to me, so how great can I be?? I almost feel resentful to hear these compliments now--they sound SO empty to me! I remember on our last date, NG told me "You are so beautiful," while holding my hand in his hand, and at the same time contemplating going back to his ex, which I think he did. Now, that made me feel a million times worse! Because if I'm supposedly "all that," as far as physical appearance, then it must mean I"m completely worthless as a human being and the physical appearance is ALL I have going for me, right??? Because, despite the fact NG, and others in my past, thought I was very attractive, they still chose to dump me, right??? So that must mean I'm a horrible person with a rotten personality and no other value other than my outer shell. :(

The irony is, I've also given some not conventionally good looking guys a chance and fell for them and they also turned out not to want a relationship. How is that possible???? HOW??? For god's sakes, even the divorced plumber guy with a kid who was disabled didn't want a relationship with me. Someone I would not even be interested in rejected me--now that's really a downer. I think you are the only person who truly understands it Glamour because we seem to have a lot in common. We might look "stuck up" or whatever, but deep down we are just the girl next door, but nobody cares to see what's inside. I think I'm going to start dressing like a "bum" soon, I swear. The last time I met my boyfriend, I was wearing sweatpants and no makeup. ;)

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