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:D [QUOTE=degen95]i don't know how you humanities people do it. :D in my engineering course i've never ever stayed up past 2 am studying. i usually study a little on a daily basis so that the day before the test i'm almost 100% familiar and confident with the're absolutely DEAD in engineering and math if you wait 'till the night before a test to study..its about processing the information, not necessarily soaking it all up. i usually struggled in the humanities courses because i just can't cram material..and why are we going way off topic like this?? :D :D

i'm beginning to think you and GG are long lost sisters!! ...or maybe the women on sex and the city. ;) sophia = carrie, GG = charlotte, :eek: :eek:

back on topic:
in my yoga class there are tons of hot chicks but for some strange reason i can't ever talk to them..its so weird, like i can't connect with them. i can't say i'm interested in any one in particular but i just find it hard to communicate. have you guys ever found yourselves around people that you hardly know but somehow you had the feeling that you have nothing in common with them?? i feel so distant in class. i know part of the reason is that i really want it to be about me and the instructor so i get 100% out of it, but socially, the desire to be friendly just isn't there. i think something is happening to me. :confused: :confused:[/QUOTE]

Haaha--maybe it's true, you know! I have a major crush on Mr. Big, and I don't even know why :D I actually saw him once, from a distance, at a party after a movie premier, which I had the privilege to attend due to dating some stuck up jerk at the time. A few years ago, that is. I do relate the most to Carrie, too, although I hate these generalizations overall. And I would NEVER EVER cheat on my boyfriend. Glamour, do you relate to Charlette? LOL

Degen, so why do you think you don't feel like being social with the cute girls from the yoga class?? Isn't there at least one who seems more special than the others? It's a rare thing to feel a true connection to someone, I admit.

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