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[QUOTE=glamourgal]Hey Degen :) ,
No you did not make me mad :D , in fact you made me laugh when I read your post because my family and friends are always telling me that I am too picky. Maybe I am, but hardly anyone (except my best friend) ever believes me when I say that I am not looking for good looks OR money--or anything like that. I just want a clean-cut, somewhat intelligent guy who values and believes in the same things I do. That is really ALL that I want--honest. There is a guy in one of my classes who I hoped would maybe ask me out--he is a little chubby, but he has a neat appearance and a really great personality---then I found out he is married.

I really don't think that I am being unrealistic in what I want. Also, I am glad that my family and friends are thinking of me and trying to introduce me to single guys whom they know. There really are not very many alternatives to meeting people, so I am very thankful for them thinking of me. I don't mind meeting those two guys at all next weekend, but I AM tired of always being dateless when I go to weddings. It makes me feel like such a loser when everyone else is coupled off having a great time---plus they have someone to dance with. Anyway, I don't want to whine any further :D . Thanks so much Degen for the advice, and for hoping good things for me! I bet you have a really wonderful smile that one lucky girl is going to enjoy waking up to one day!!! I wish you all of the best and I hope you meet her very soon ;) !

(I just wanted to add that I really don't think I am all of that great, so I do NOT think that I deserve a lot for being "hot". I just want in a guy what I described above, and I will not settle for less because then we would both end up unhappy.)[/QUOTE]

GG, I don't think you have been too 'picky' or have unrealistic expectations at all! Your expectations are very reasonable. I want pretty much the same type of guy: clean-cut, intelligent, empolyed, funny, considerate, and overall a decent human being. But not the gorgeous, international hearthrob type by any means! We just haven't met the right guys yet--that's all there is to it. At least your family and friends always keep an eyes open for you, GG. I don't even have that. None of my friends seem to know any single guys who are looking for a girlfriend. Well, ok, maybe a month ago or so, a friend tried to set me up with this divorced guy with a kid who had been in a car accident and had permanent problems with his leg as a result and had to walk with a cane. He could barely walk, actually. The guy was a plumber, so not educated either. He was nice enough, though, I thought, and had a cute face, so I was thinking, what the heck, maybe I should at least give him a chance. Guess what, after he met me, he apparently said I "wasn't his type!" :rolleyes: It's these men who have unrealistic expectations, not us!

At the same time, I have to add that trying to date someone I originally had reservations about has NEVER worked well for me. It always ended up blowing up in my face and hurting ME. Which means my instincts were right to begin with. Perhaps there's a good reason we have reservations about certain people. I think from now on I'll only date a man who is everything I've ever wanted in a guy! It hasn't worked when I tried to make excuses and be accepting of either inadequate behavior or character traits that bothered me a lot. You can't fit a square peg into a round hole, so why not just get it right in the first place.

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