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[QUOTE=Hiya]I see. Well, with the Aussie, a) he waited till almost the last minute to invite you, and b) the event he invited you to, sounds like he just went through his address book and every number he could get his hands on to get body count for his event/party. But...if you still have time, it might be worth grabbing a girlfriend and popping in for a little bit, just to see who else is there... you never know who ELSE you might meet...

Aaaagh, you totally confirmed my suspicions. Yep, my cynical self is saying he just wanted a body count. Too late to go to it now, but yeah, that's what it sounds like. Damn it. Why can't a man I find remotely attractive be interested in ME for a change??? I mean, he was a cute guy, but not THAT cute, and probably a few good years older than myself from the way he looked, so I jsut don't understand. WHO does he think he is??? Am I supposed date someone's my grandfather's age now to feel secure with him? Geez. Nini, whatever you do, DON"T ever move to NY. This place sucks for women.

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