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Nini ~ As the time gets closer you are definitely going to have the feelings that you are experiencing today. I was wondering what was up when you weren't around as much as usual. I know that you must be getting rather antsy about the whole thing now that the time is drawing nearer.

I don't know if you still get that way when your time comes to get up there and sing....I always envy my daughter that she can do it without feeling the nervous butterflies and all. If you are like my daughter then perhaps I can suggest that you walk into that party as you do each time you play, with confidence in knowing that you are good and talented and doing what you love to do best. Use that same confidence to go walk around the room knowing that there is nothing that'll shake it.....that you are going to show 'em what you got and feel great inside afterwards.

I was a little confused....are you actually going to perform for your friend at this party??? And what are you going to sing??? Please tell us, we really want to know what's going to happen. Oh I do wish I could really be there, but you know that I will be in the most important way. I hope you know just how much I am behind you and standing with you throughout the whole thing. When you have any doubts, please picture me and all of us there behind you and you will be wonderful and come out of this fine.

Did you go out shopping yesterday and find a new top??? Or outfit??? I say go all out....make yourself feel great from a long bubblebath with inspirational songs, perhaps some bubbling champagne, and then applying your favorite lotion.....doing the makeup and hair and walking into that party feeling like the most gorgeous woman around. You are beautiful, Nini, and you are going to shine tomorrow!!!

I wanted to give you some forewarning....I may be away for the weekend, something came up and I may not have internet access. I will not be back until Sunday evening and will be going crazy out of my mind wondering how things went!!! Although I know that I can't ask you to hold out I just wanted you to know that I will come back eager to share in how things went for my dearest Nini. Please don't underestimate the amount of love I have for you, my friend, and how I will be praying that tomorrow is the day that finally sets you free.

Love ~ Goody :angel:

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