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same situation.

NEED some feedback from many on this topic. Because I believe others have been in this same situation so it might help me understand and other people.

I have been going with this guy for 3 1/2 months now. We both live in the same town. Met him online at the site where you sent winks. He did not have a picture with his profile and said he was divorsed. So here is what I question.

1. Never see him on Tuesday's, Thursdays, Sat. nite and Sunday during the day and sunday nites (I have been to his house on 4 different occasions during the day and one time during the nite - we have walked his dogs in his neighborhood and mine).
2. He is 51 and I am 50. My son was at the cottage with my mom and I was here in town for a couple of nights and he would not sleep over, but in the future.
3. Last long weekend he went down to the US (New Jersey) in his RV. He left one week before the start of the long weekend and came back at the end of the long labour day weekend. The entire time he was gone I got no phone call or email from him.
4. Now he has dissapeared again almost one week before this Canada Thanksgiving long weekend (I called him earlier this week on Monday afternoon and emailed him - and I have not heard back from him and I ususally do - he said he put his RV in for storage for the winter). MY GUT tells me he has left our town for awhile but he never told me ahead of time he was going - because whenever I call or email him he ALWAYS answers me back right away.
5. I have not yet met any of his friends or family.
6. I tried to see him Sat. or Sunday's but he always has some reason why he cannot see me.
7. We made a verbal commitment 3 weeks ago where in every way we are one on one and he said if I ever want to date others to tell him and it would be over for the 2 of us and he would look elsewhere.
8. There have been times where he like dissapears and he does not contact me for about 4 nites and I end up emailing him asking where are you?
9. He told me in the early 90's his found out his wife was having an affair with his brother and that is why his marriage of 21 some years ended when she left him for his brother. That is what he told me. He said he was with her from 17 years of age to 38 when their marriage ended.

That is basically it. Not my idea of a commited relationship. His actions seem to not match his words. His words are great but his actions speak differently.

Who knows, maybe he is a major commitmentphobic person. Or maybe he is juggling women so that if one leaves him he will have back up.

Help, thanks
someone in Canada

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