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It's hard to see something we don't want to see. I believe your boyfriend is trying to let you down gently. Men hate to be the one to call it quits, so they usually do things to make us do the breaking up instead. That way they don't have to be the bad guy.

I know you must be hurting terribly and I'm really sorry, but don't let yourself hang on to false hope. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is just leave him alone. Don't keep emailing him or phoning him. Save your pride! If he really does want to continue your relationship, he will get in touch with you again. However, you really should think hard and long about getting back together with him if he does want to. He's terribly young and probably not really ready to get serious with anyone right now.

Try and stay really busy and pamper yourself right now. You can't make someone love you no matter how hard you try.

Just let go for now. You will eventually get over this man and meet someone who wants and needs the love you have to give. Take care.
thankyou very much Greeneyes for your reply.Although it was late coz I cant help it this morning and so I called him.I told him i really want to straight all of this already,i said i want to clear things out and find out why he suddenly changed.I asked him to be very honest and then he said after I broke up with him he was thinking that he still cant do marriage and have children.
It was also one of our topic whenever we were together about him marrying me and havin a child coz i said Im not getting any younger and I want to be with him.He was thinking about it,listening to what I would say and seemed like planning about what to do.I know hes trying hard at his job to see me or to plan things for himself and for the future.
It's like coz I broke up with him last week and we didnt talk for a lil period it came to his mind that maybe its better for us to really break up.I asked him if he was already thinking of breaking up with me when he came to visit me last month and he said No.Its only lately that I broke up with him and he realized that maybe its better this way coz hes not yet ready for marriage and child.So when I heard it I didnt know what to say. I know his young and I know Ive pressured him sometimes although I dont want to force him from marrying me.I understand it and it really hurts.He seemed cold to me already over the phone like he doesnt want to prolongued our talkings.I dont know but this is what I felt.I told him you seemed cold to me and he said you always say that to me so it doesnt count.I told him thankyou for all the good times and bad...And that I want him to be happy on everything.I also said that so ,iguess I am alone again then he said well its not only you just think of me too coz its the same here.I said you know how much I love you and he said i know..I was already crying and controlling it coz I dont want him to pity me.I said bye then he said bye.
I met him when he was only 19 just a few months from his birthday..Hes young but he doesnt think and sometimes he doesnt act like 19 but of course you would still notice that hes still young.I asked him if he hates me and he said No.I also said sorry if I would talk bad at him or if I hurt him sometimes and he said you dont have to say sorry.
I know that its over coz I could tell that hes decided too.I just want to know if he still loves me or hes already trying not to think about me coz hes not yet ready for what Iwant.I cant believe that after all the good times and special times that we had in our 1 year and 3 months and the most recent vacation we spent we will end to breaking up.
I know he would easily forget me coz we are so far away with each other. I love him very much and I really misss him a lot.It This relatonship is his first serious relationship too.I cant stop thinking of Us before always together almost everyday.Its like we were 24 hours together b4 for 7 months then we had our vacation b4 he went back home then after that talking on the phone/internet chatting almost everyday too for 7 months while I am here and him to his country then he visited me here then when he went home its over so soon...Its very hard and so painful...
What do I need to do to move on ??How can I forget him easily even if I dont want to?Its my first time to have a relationship with a white guy and to a young guy like him and its precious to me.He was my baby,my life,my bestfriend,my everything...
Now I dont have anybody....I devoted my life to him too.I dont want to be with my friends when he was still living here coz I enjoy his company and I just love being with him.
I am so depress and I dont know what to do.I still need your advices and encouragement and I want honesty.
Thankyou for the help...

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