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I just broke up with my boyfriend who's living abroad...Actually,the story is that we met here (Asia) last year at work and started to like each other as in everyday we were always together at work or during our private times.We were very sweet and everything always seemed to be perfect but of course we would have petty quarrels .Our relationship was really a serious thing eventhough he's only 21 and me 29,I'm an Asian and him a white guy.We didn't care about our age gaps and other issues or conflicts.And then it was time for him to go home to his country last February of this year coz his visa was finished already.We can't do anything about it but he promised that he would come to visit me...then,almost everyday we would talk to each other through internet chatting and calling each other through phone.It's like we were still together coz most of our free times were spent talking on the phone and chatting online.He also started working so he could save money to see me and to send me gifts or packages occasionally.

And then after 7 months of waiting he came to visit me then we went some place for our long lost times.He stayed up to 18 days and he really doesnt want to go home but of course he cant stay coz hes living there and he has a job waiting for him...Before that,when I picked him at the airport we felt a lil bit weird coz it was 7 months not seeing each other but after that its like back to our old times.we were happy and enjoyed our vacations.But of course we would still fight coz nobodys compatible i think and its like that when u are in a rel. Our fights is not that so big deal for me i guess.

Anyway,he went back home and this is the time that i felt he changed.Although he called me when he arrived at his house but after that he got so busy at work coz he said his driving schedule changed to earlier time and hes so tired that he has to go to sleep earlier or else he wont make it or he wont be able to get up in the morning.And hes stressed at his job lately coz he has to get a Class 3 for his truck driving so he would receive a better salary coz his salary is only like 9dollars something per hour and he wants to pass the Class 3 for 13 dollars salary.I was thinking hes so hardworking and I'm thinking hes doin it coz he wants to see me again and we were also looking for some cheap condominiums or flats for investment when he came here in my place.He talked to me about the flats when he returned back to his place that he was lookin at the houses through internet and that hes asking for his moms advice about it. Then his mom said that its a good investment and that at his age and at his salary he can already afford to get a loan for it.
I was happy to hear that he sounds so interested but I felt he changed a lil bit coz he was always busy and we were not doin what we were doin b4 like talking everyday on the computer or calling each other since he went back.Hes always tired and he comes home late.The last time we talked he said he passed the Class 3 and he received a raise already.But I confronted him about the change of his attitude to me like he doesnt have the time to talk and he will just email me during late time that he went home late and hes tired and has to go to sleep coz hes early the next day.Hes always like this from the time he went back(Sept.22 until Oct.)I told him I want to break up with him coz I felt he changed and that its like this is what he wants me to do to break up with him.He said No and hes laughing and not taking me seriously coz I am always breaking up with him whenever I am angry with something.And then I said..well..just wait and see coz I am serious. And then after that I sent him an email telling him my thoughts and that i felt he changed coz we dont talk anymore and its like he doesnt care anymore with what Ive been doin lately or whats happening to me here.That Im sad for his different behaviour.I felt he changed coz b4 even if his busy he would still find time to talk to me but now its not like that anymore.
So there,I said break up and he didnt say anything coz maybe he thought I wasnt serious.But after I sent my email he never made a response with my letter.I was waiting for his email or call coz i sent it Oct.4 and i still dont get anything.Unlike b4 ,itll only be like 2 days then he would call or send me email.So I called him tis morning and asked whats hisdoin and hows he lately?
He answered that hes putting all his attention to his job and that he would sleep early .I told him that he seemed alright with us breaking up and he said everythings not that seemed to be ok.And then I said just be honest with your feelings to me then he said oh my god dont manipulate me with your smart talkings.He said hes happy that i called and that he appreciates it.He asked me what i do everyday..And after that I said I have to go hang up now and then he said I have to go to bed too.
Oh and before that I asked him about why he didnt reply to my email or say any comments to what i said he said after reading it he doesnt know what to say to me coz maybe ill just get mad or itll just get worse.Then we finished talking.
I was dissapointed coz I was waiting for him to win me back again or to forget our break up but he didnt say anything so I guess we split for real already.I told him that I love him in my email so he knows that but why is is that hes not talking about Us to be OK again.???
Do you think he already wants to break up with me coz he realized something when he went back home?thats why he changed...I dont know whats on his mind and I love him and I miss talking to him.Do u think hes going to call me after some time?that hes going to win me back again?
Please help me.I am always thinking of him and crying at times.I cant believe it that after long time of not seeing each other he came to see me and had a nice vacation then when he returned back home its over already.Eventhough I was the one who said lets just break up he can say he doesnt want it coz hes just busy and that he loves me and dont want break ups.I am waiting for those words.Hes a quiet type of guy and only 21 but hes not stupid. I dont know what he wants ..pls.pls. help me.Its not normal in our relationship that we dont talk for 3 days or for a week.It never happened b4 so its like this is really getting bad.

I am very sorry for the long story and for my wrong grammars..

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