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I don't know if its good to call him again coz Ive been losing my pride already.From the time that we broke up I sent two emails and he never answered about why I decided to let go of our relationship and why he has no guts to explain his side,about why hes attitude towards me changed.I was waiting for his reply and I didnt received anything so I called him to know if everythings fine wtih him,like for Us to be breaking up and he said well...its your decision and you are always the one who decides.Its like he has no effort.I was just waiting for him to explain his side why he changed but he said he doesnt know what to say with my letter coz maybe itll just get worse or id get mad. So i feel,its alright with him for us to split,he can forget his pride and just say " I dont want break ups like the way he would say b4 when I would confront him about it.But now,after not talking to each other for nearly 1 week I asked him why he wont say any of his side he replied that He s thinking that hes not yet ready for marriage and children kinda stuff..And then I said why all of sudden youd say those words???And he said,I was thinking that i can already make it but I guess i still cant (not this exact words though)...I already got the message and it really broke my heart.

I wasnt expecting breaking up with him this soon coz we just finished seeing each other and stayed together for 18days during our vacation. Although in the back of my mind I always ask myself if we would survive our rel. coz we are too far away w/each other.I know hes not yet financially stable and I guess hes still confused in some things coz of his age.
Before we were like planning but not that seriously talking about it that he'll marry me and Ill be the one to go to his country coz he wont be able to get a job here.But he has problems on where we would live coz hes still living with his parents and he cant afford it yet with his job right now.He just started last April this year and hes salary is only 13 dollars per hour.He told me b4 that he doesnt want to destroy my life coz he might not able to afford things and he might not give me a happy life coz we will be living poor,that maybe he cannot support my needs.And that we wouldnt be able to afford a child until maybe when he turn mid 20s or late 20s coz maybe by then hes salary is already big.Hes also worried that I wont be able to get a job in his country coz they have a rule in his country that once you married a foreigner he/she wont be able to work for 2 yrs. until he/she is already legal citizen to that country.And hes worried that I wont be able to get work and I wont be able to support my family in my country coz I am also the bread winner.Its really very complicated.

I wasnt really pressuring him or pushing him to marry me so soon but maybe he realized a lot of things and maybe hes love for me is not that strong anymore.Bcoz if he loves me very much he would call me after our break up or even send emails about how sad he is or he doesnt want to say goodbye to me something like that.
I wa thinking even we are not yet married we could still continue what we were doin like talking on the phone,chatting online and then if we saved money already from working we could meet again like what we did b4.But I guess,he realized a lot of things.
I think I want to stop thinking of him coz I want to move on as soon as I can coz if not i have the tendency to call or email him again and again and he would get annoy already coz i think he really want to end it,though I was the one who said it and challenge him with breaking up.
I dont know what to do on how to forget him,on how to stop thinking about him.I still think do I have to email him friendly when occasions would arrive like HAppy thanksgiving,Happy Halloween and Merry Xmas????Do u think he would still like it,me calling or sending him emails.I asked if he hates me and he said NO but why do I feel like I dont mean anything to him anymore.
I really miss my baby...Help me what to do...

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